Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Oh THAT?

That’s just my bunny hat.

{ from The Textile Museum, found via Toronto Craft Alert }

{ A Mixed Up Tale from Pretty Little Thieves }

The original drawing above (by Pretty Little Thieves) is available on Etsy.  Not only is it a darling little doodle, but it supports Haiti relief efforts.  $10 from the sale of this and several other originals in her Drawing for a Cure series will be donated to the American Red Cross.

4 thoughts on “Daily Pretties: Oh THAT?

    • OH NO! Are they easy to get rid of? Make that bunny some hot chocolate to temper its troubles! Or whatever bunnies love… Probably cheese, huh? OK, so I don’t know what bunnies like! Does your bunny like broccoli? When’s it’s birthday? I’ll send it some broccoli.

  1. I hope so. I have to force medicine into his mouth every day, and he hates me for it. Bunnies love carrots, silly! I don’t think you’re supposed to give rabbits broccoli. It can give them gas.

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