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The Shopping Sherpa: An Etsy Wedding

I’ve got weddings on the brain!  Between the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest we entered, my sweet baby Gracie’s upcoming nuptials and all the wedding season commercials/shows on tv, I can’t seem to escape it.  Like many a daydreaming schoolgirl, I’ve already started planning ours, even though we haven’t even set a date yet.  Below are some of the lovely, handmade things I’ve picked out from Etsy — a mix of sweet and quirky.  For those of you just joining us, Brian and I have entered the contest (mentioned above) to win $100,000 and the aid of a talented wedding planner to create our dream wedding.  We need a lot of votes to win, so if you haven’t already voted, please take a few seconds to do so!  Vote for us here.

EDIT: If you’ve voted for us, you can now enter our giveaway to win a stunning embroidered necklace from Marañón, a featured seller on Etsy.  Enter here.

handmade items from Etsy; wedding collection

1. Squirrel Groom Cake Topper from Melabo

2. Necklaces from The Vamoose — These would make lovely gifts for ladies in the wedding party, no?

3. Gray and Royal Blue Hat from Behida Dolic

4. Gold Paper Bowl from Up In The Air Somewhere – On the reception tables, filled with small pebbles and a tea light.  Might need to see how flammable they are though…

5. Pink Petals Dress from Sarah Seven — I must have a Sarah Seven dress in my life!

6. Silvery Sash/Headband from Little White Dresser

7. Light Shades from Nice — I’m in love with these.  In LOVE!

8. Custom Couples Portrait from Tuesday Mourning — To go on the Save the Date cards.

9. Teacup and Silverware Windchime from Reclaimed Designs — For the wind to make sweet music as we celebrate our sweet love.  Eew!  Sappy.

10. Tiny Twig Pencils from alliebeans — To sign the guestbook.

11. Silk Tie from Tie One On — For the groom.  Obv.

12. Custom Tiny Text Bowl from Paloma’s Nest — Instead of those froofy little ring pillows.

handmade items from Etsy; wedding collection

1. Silk Pleated Collar Dress from Amanda Archer — A possible bridesmaid dress.

2. We Make Sense Poster from Things by bubbo-tubbo — I want to have this printed on rectangles of cotton (preferably recycled or eco-friendly material) for reusable napkins that our guests can take home.

3. White Gold Band from One Stone New York — Made from recycled gold by the same artisan who made my engagement ring.

4. Multi-color Flag Necklace from Scout Holiday — Not sure who would wear this yet… I just had to include it.

5. Vintage Ledger Seals from Kis for Calligraphy —  For sealing all the “Thanks for the gift” letters.

6. Big Dots and Bunting Teapot from Ninainvorm — Because you gotta offer your guests a little after-dinner cup of tea, right?  Really, I want all the plates to be from Nina, too.

7. Small to Tall Containers from Jfish Designs — Picture these filled with mismatched wildflowers 🙂

8. Triangular Laced Necklace from Marañón — I gotta temper that dainty, sweet wedding dress with a little bit of spice!

9. Porcelain Tiles from Ashley G

10. Cupcake Stand with Bird Bell Jar from Whitney Smith Pottery

11. Porcelain Pie “Tins” from Lorena Barrezueta — We’re thinking the food will be “picnic fair”, so I think these would make cute serving dishes for the potato salads and such.

12. Victoria Cake Stand from My Cake Stand

11 thoughts on “The Shopping Sherpa: An Etsy Wedding

  1. thanks for such a sweet comment today! it would be so much fun to work on shades for a wedding! i think you’re right- they could look quite lovely and really add to a delicate setting! thank you for thinking of me 🙂

  2. I’m planning a wedding too! How fun! I love etsy… I’ve actually been thinking about getting my dress on there. There are some really great custom dress makers.

  3. just stumbled onto your blog… you guys are too cool for school! this is a really great post. I love that it all came from Etsy.

    ps. also loving the paper chains on your “about” page.

  4. thank you so much for including my poster in your wonderful collection! //we can print these napkins digitally on cotton, want to investigate the possibilities? or you can purchase used napkins and then just make iron transfers with letters.


    • Thanks, Natasha! Either of those ideas sound fun to try. We’re still in the very early stages of planning, though, so it may be a while until we’re ready to start an order. I just get excited thinking about it and coming up with ideas 🙂 I’ll let you know when we’re ready!

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