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Swig & Swill: Beer!

I got a few books recently, one of which, Tasting Beer, has inspired me to, well, taste beer. You should, too. Let’s have a tasting party. An e-tasting party.

Vintage photography of woman drinking beer

{ Hot Day, Cold Beer from Angelica of Swapatorium2 and Scrapatorium }

How’s it going to work, you ask?

  1. We need to pick one or two beers that we can all get our hands on. Any suggestions? Any particular beer you’ve been wanting to try?
  2. Sometime after we decide on a beer, I’ll post some general notes on tasting and anything unique about the style of beer we’ve chosen.
  3. Tasting. Everyone can taste the beer, jot down some tasting notes, and post them as a comment.

Remember you can be a tasting novice or pro, it doesn’t matter. Heck, you don’t even have to like beer. If you think beer tastes like cardboard, let us know, just make sure you tell us what kind of cardboard it tastes like—is there lots of Sharpie-scrawl, packing tape astringency, unbalanced corrugation?

8 thoughts on “Swig & Swill: Beer!

  1. Ok, guys and gals. I’ll play too, even though the taste of beer makes me scrunch my nose. Like tomatoes, I keep trying to like it. But somebody has to make a beer suggestion…

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