Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: I’m So Edgy!!!

JK.  I’m actually more like the opposite of edgy.  I’m a big proponent of hugs and baby animals… and hugging baby animals.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t look edgy right?

P.S. I realize that some of these items, a ceramic mug, for instance, may not appear “edgy” to some.  Just go with me on this.  It’s all about the color scheme here.  K?  Thanks.

handmade art, craft and design from Etsy

ROW 1:  Organic Black Hair Triangle Tee from Coma and Cotton; Dreamcatcher Necklace from Erma; Paisley Drums Hair Clip from Paisley and Brass by Ashaloo

ROW 2:  You’re a Winner Pennant Necklace from Super Duper Things; Magic Triangle Magnetic Necklace from Color Blind Smarties by Tamé; Triangles Unisex Crew from Jessalin Beutler

ROW 3:  Arctic Series Moleskin Notebook from The Blackbird Sings; Neighborhood Mug from Dovetail; Black Lace-up Rain Boots from Vim and Vigor Vintage

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