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WE Thank You

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Well, my darlings, the contest is over, and although I never stopped wishing on fallen eyelashes and shooting stars or quit nagging people for votes, I knew we wouldn’t make it to the top 50.  While we definitely won’t be winning a fatty wedding, I don’t regret all the effort we put into trying.  The long and frenzied road to 87th place has been nothing but fun and fulfilling.  From the bottom of our happy hearts, Brian and I want to thank every one of the 550+ people who voted for us.  Big hugs and kisses and cupcake sprinkles especially for everyone who wished us well, left a heartfelt comment of congratulations and cheer or entered our giveaways and helped us spread the word.  I wish we all could have won!  And I can’t give enough cupcake sprinkles and hugs to Lorena and Lisa who donated their crazy-beautiful necklaces for those giveaways.  You muh gurls!!!  Now, cue the exit music.  I think my 2 minutes is up.

4 thoughts on “WE Thank You

  1. crate and barrel would’ve corrupted your vision anyhow-now you wont be corporately sponsored! like when vans took over the warped tour. heartbreaking

    my bigger point is this: i’ll be there all day to make cup pies for your wedding, and make sure the hay bales don’t have bollweevils and the banjo is in tune. i’m so happy for you!

    • If someone asked me why I love Sarah Hughes, I think I would direct them to this comment.

      So MY bigger point is: let’s live together and run a bed & breakfast.

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