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handmade necklace giveaway from The Vamoose

It’s that time again, boys and girls.  Another lucky Westervin reader will win a charming handmade necklace.  This one, the Sailor Knot Necklace (in natural and gold; you can also get one in white and/or silver), comes from The Vamoose, designer and illustrator Kathryn Blackmore’s romantic jewelry line.  The Vamoose happens to be one of my favorite Etsy shops, so I was Thrilled (with a capital “T”) when Kathryn offered this necklace for a giveaway.  I was even happier when I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her designs, her inspiration and her favorite sweets.  Stick around, folks.  This week’s giveaway is somethin’ special!

Your blog is full of beautiful images, from soft and ethereal to somewhat organic, dark and brooding. Can you tell me a little about the imagery you’re drawn to and what inspires your designs?
Recently I have been attempting to incorporate more color into my work. Inspiration has appeared in the form of bleeding prints, such as the Rorschach inkblot test, or gradient color as found in nature, for instance an amethyst specimen. I find that Tumblr is such a useful tool for collecting images and keeping track of their source. Every so often I’ll look through my tumblr archive and compile a blog post based on repeating image themes.

purple geode; watercolor rorschach

Your work is feminine and so sweet! What are your top 5 favorite deserts?
* banoffee pie
* rhubarb crumble
* lemon cheesecake
* home baked apple pie
* strawberries and cream

Can you give us a peak into your daily life?
My day is usually a blur of answering emails, making and packaging up orders and developing new pieces. It is never complete without a trip to the post office. The staff must be sick of seeing me!

I saw that you were recently featured in Blonde and Lucky magazines. How did it feel when you found out?
I had mixed feelings of surprise and excitement, with a little disbelief thrown in!

Can you show us some of your most recent creations? What can we hope to see in your shop soon?
My pompom necklaces sold out a while ago, but I have been making more in a similar style and also with dip-dyed effects…
I have been braiding anything I can get my hands on, particularly rope, leather and fabric. Expect to see lots of large brass beads placed between ruffles of fabric and twisted metal necklaces.

handmade jewelry by Kathryn Blackmore of The Vamoose

You’ve also created some lovely and intriguing clothing (as seen in your portfolio and flickr photostream). Do you have plans for a complete fashion line?
I would love to start designing clothing again. The more I miss it, the more I seem to incorporate fabric and stitch into my jewelry designs. It would be great to create a collection where the clothing and jewelry are harmonious. I am very much a fan of simple and classic clothing shapes, which would be a perfect base for my sculptured necklaces.

Would you say that you are doing what you love?  If so, what’s your favorite part of your “job” of making and selling your own work.  If not, what do you hope to be doing in future?
I love it a lot. There are times when I get frustrated and wonder why on earth I am doing this, mostly when I’m working 13 hour days, but it is always worth it in the end. It’s such a wonderful feeling when someone emails to say they love my work or that I inspire them.
In the near future, I’m hoping that a studio will be financially viable so I no longer have to work at the dining room table!

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  2. Ooh these are too adorable for words! I had my Chanel bag stolen last night and this is honestly the first thing that’s made me smile all day. Love the pom-poms and braids.

    It would be such a treat to win!

    Miss B xx

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