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blog giveaway: vintage wooden elephant pencil holder

Readers, meet Lexington.  Lexington is an easy-going elephant who likes loud music, a warm, dry climate and holding your colored pencils.  Lexington may have been born over thirty years ago, but he’s a spry chap.  And guess what, folks.  Lexington wants to come home with you!  Richelle Davies, mother of a creative 8-year old (Spy-themed Birthday party, anyone?) and the vintage shop Hopgrasser, has kindly offered this vintage pencil holder for our first ever vintage giveaway!   Before we get to the rules, though, let’s have a chat with Richelle about the joys of thrifting.

When and why did you start selling vintage?
I started collecting vintage 20 years or so ago, when I was in high school, so you can imagine I had a lot of vintage home accessories stashed away.  A year and a half ago, I decided to start selling vintage items from my collections.  I used to browse Etsy daily as a buyer, and I realized that I either already owned or had access to many vintage items that people were looking for.  It’s a fun and wonderful thing to find lost treasures for others.  Customers are always so sweet and grateful when they have found the most perfect, unique, vintage item from the hopgrasser store to add to their own collection.  Selling also gives me an excuse to satisfy my thrifting addiction and need to constantly rotate displays in my home.

What’s your favorite part of your selling vintage?
My favorite part of selling is hunting down vintage goodies at the thrift shops.  It’s hit or miss, but some days I can fill a cart.  My least favorite part of the job is deciding which items to sell and which to keep for myself.

What do you do when you’re not toiling away for Hopgrasser?
Let’s see…I have a little office where I practice as a Certified Massage Therapist, and I work part-time as a Chiropractic Assistant at another office.  I enjoy renovating and refreshing my home interior whenever I can.  Most of my time, though, is spent being a Mama to my very creative and active 8-year old daughter.

Where and how often do you go thrifting?
I take one day off from massages, and I use that morning to shop.  Honestly, it can get a little tiresome weeding through some of the junky things in thrift stores.  It’s worth it when I score something sweet though!  There are three nice thrift stores within one mile from each other, so it’s easy to hit them all in one morning.

How does it feel to get home with a sack (or a handful) of vintage finds?
“WOO HOO!”  That’s how it feels.  Sometimes I even blurt it out loud in the store when I stumble across a good find.

What’s your favorite decade and why?
Although my store collections know no vintage boundaries, my personal favorite is the 1950s.  I love mid-century modern styles of home decor.  I own a cozy little bungalow, and I love how the smaller-scale, minimal designs fit the small square footage of my home.  I also love how things were so efficient and well made.  I have a Lane dining table from the late 1950’s and it still looks good as new, is small enough to fit my tiny dining room perfectly, and still able to seat 6-10 guests.  Finding vintage furnishings and accessories from this decade totally makes my day!

Describe your vintage aesthetic in three words.

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