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Swig & Swill: Allspice Dram

cocktail recipe: allspice dram

So yesterday I mentioned that I needed quite a bit of allspice, and I know you all had some trouble sleeping because you kept thinking, “What could he possibly be up to?” Well, here’s you answer: allspice (or pimento, if you want to be old-school) dram. It was a common ingredient in many tiki drinks, and along with the revival of both classic and tiki cocktails, it’s enjoying a bit of a comeback. There is even a commercial variety on the market: St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram. But who needs to buy a finished product when you can make it yourself? Not me!

cocktail recipe: allspice dram

This recipe comes from Paul Clarke, and the first step is to find yourself some overproof rum. I mean really high proof. The recipe calls for Lemonhart 151, which unfortunately isn’t currently distributed in the US, although it looks like that may change. I used El Dorado as a replacement, which I think is about the best you can do at the moment. Next, you’ll need to get hold of half a cup of whole allspice berries, which you’ll need to coarsely crush with a mortar or whatever you have on hand (I used the end of a rolling pin).

Once you have your rum and coarsely crushed allspice, all you need to do for now is dump them both in a jar together and shake everyday for 10 days. So grab your supplies and start shaking. I’ll have a breakdown of the rest of the recipe and some potential cocktails in the coming weeks!

cocktail recipe: allspice dram

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