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Daily Pretties: Betta’ Shape Up

{ trajects by Dylan Difalco }  { Untitled by Hollie Martin }

The past couple of weeks have been great ones for the Westervin inbox. One darling reader, Hollie Martin, wrote to give us a “thumbs up” for one of our past Daily Pretty posts. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that people are inspired by what they see here. You know what, Hollie? I give you TWO thumbs up!

We also got some sweet thank you emails and comments from previously featured crafters Zyanya and Miss E. Elizabeth. Welcome new readers!

And in other exciting news, Westervin was cited on Design for Mankind! Long time reader and e-friend Lauren of Color Collective fame used a photo she saw on our blog for one of her guest posts. Congrats, Lauren, on your killer guest blogger series, and thanks a ton for representin’ the WE!

We’re famous now, right? If you want my autograph, you know where to find me…

4 thoughts on “Daily Pretties: Betta’ Shape Up

  1. Oh you gurls….

    Let’s make friendship bracelets! Mine will be seafoam green and acorn brown. Maybe even with a splash of lavender!

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