A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: Save-the-Dates Revealed

It’s time, my babies. The big reveal we’ve been hyping for the last several weeks. Say hello to our save-the-date cards! We are pretty proud of them.

If you know us personally, I think you’ll appreciate how our save-the-dates represent our personal aesthetics. If you don’t know us that well, I should start by saying that we both love vintage ephemera, making things, and, last but not least, spending ridiculous amounts of time imagining, talking about, and planning our fall wedding. I tell you these things so that when I explain how we spent the last 6 months hand embroidering over 50 save-the-dates on vintage postcards, you don’t look at us like a couple of crazies.

Sure, it took a long time to track down affordable vintage postcards, particularly ones in good shape with picturesque outdoor scenes from Arkansas (my home state), Missouri (Brian’s home state), and Chicago (our current home). Sure, we ruined plenty of good ones figuring out how to make them. And sure, we ended up with a lot of pin pricks and raw fingertips. But I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of our little DIY project. We found some amazing postcards, some over 100 years old, with funny, sweet, and strange correspondences on the back.

I am pleased as spiked punch with each one-of-a-kind card, and I know our friends and family appreciate them, too.

Highway Scene Near Rogers, Ark.

Echo Lake From Beach Bluff, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, ME.

{ mailed to J. R. Anderson in Chicago on July 1st, 1941 }

Ore Boat on Maumee Bay, Toledo, Ohio.

{ mailed to Mrs. Fred Norman in Battle Creek, MI on September 3rd, 1923 }

Old Faithful Geyser at Sunrise, Yellowstone National Park

The Valley, Sacandaga Park, N. Y.

Fort Caspar, Casper, Wyoming

The ones above were too lovely to part with. I figured they’d be great to frame, throw in a wedding album, keep in a dusty trunk until we’re 80, and pass down to our grandchildren…. You can see all the ones we mailed on our Flickr set. And if you remember from our earlier posts, we put just as much effort into the packaging, with vintage stamps, ethical envelopes, typewritten addresses, and a custom return address stamp. Love!

9 thoughts on “A Westervin Wedding: Save-the-Dates Revealed

  1. 1. You guys are TOO adorable.
    2. These are awesome! I’m so impressed with both of you.
    3. Did I mention how awesome you guys are? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Echoed: TOO adorable. Mostly I just wanted to say how proud I am to be from Rogers, Arkansas now because I feel like you guys just gave me tons of street cred. Bitchin.

    And aside from the hometown love, I just think that one is my favorite.

  3. Those cards are beautiful, and I can’t believe that you guys hand-embroidered each one… wow. I just spent the weekend working on a tapestry, and embroidery is the slowest thing ever. I hope all your guests keep the cards forever! And ever!

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