A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: With This Ring

I know this is technically ruining the surprise, considering that we won’t be getting married for another 5 months… but ruining surprises in a specialty of mine. And get a load of these rings, people!!! These custom beauties were handmade in Greece. I just love saying that! And the design? From the mind of yours truly.

The real reason I want to share these so early is to sing the praises of the talented woman who made them. She was a DREAM to work with, and I want everyone to know how easy (and affordable) it was to have such beautiful wedding bands made by Marina Lampropoulou, the artist behind To The Metal. She has been our favorite person to work with during our wedding planning, hands down. If you think you might want custom-made rings (and really, who wouldn’t?), email Marina. Right this instant!

6 thoughts on “A Westervin Wedding: With This Ring

  1. oh my goodness these are so beautiful! i love love love them! they are so perfect. this makes me want to get married just to have the matching bands. im not sure my boyf is down for that yet tho 🙂

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