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Millinery 101: Cocktail Hats

{ image: Brian Bowrin }

Well, I’m a bit behind on my straw hats (lesson number two), but we’ve moved onto the next style: the cocktail hat. I thought I’d use this opportunity to create my wedding veil! Lucky me. I’ll have many hats to show you in a few weeks, but for now you’ll have to make do with some visual inspiration I’ve pulled together for my “cocktail hats”.

{ above: Twigs & Honey }

{ image: The Thirty Something Bride }

{ above: ban.do }

{ image: Acadian Crochet }

{ top left: Lovey }  { top right: E Milliner }  { image via Green Wedding Shoes }

{ image: fun old new }


{ above: BHLDN }

{ image: 40’s Hairstyles }

2 thoughts on “Millinery 101: Cocktail Hats

    • Wait till you see my finished pieces! I have found that there are very few things I like more than making my wedding veil….

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