A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: At Last!

First dance at the wedding of Sarah Ervin and Brian West

We’re back, little dowggies, and boy howdy are you a sight for sore eyes. The big day came and went, and I realized, perhaps for the first time, why we did it all in the first place. Not so we could dress up and be super pretty for a day, although that part was mighty nice. Not so we could try to impress everyone with our wedding planning skillz, though I’m pretty sure we knocked the pants off a few. Not so we could have a Texas ton of presents lavished upon us, though our apartment is now looking pretty snazzy. And not even so we could be self-centered attention whores, though we all know how much Brian LOVES that. Nope. Turns out this whole wedding business helped us celebrate the love we share with each other AND with our dear, sweet, amazing, crazy, weird, foreign, cute, little, creative, beautiful, supportive, giving friends and family. Did I use too many adjectives there? I think I might have missed funny. Man did we have some laughs! And MAN, did we really luck out in the family/friends department. I can honestly say that I had the most amazing week of my whole young life, because I got to spend time with all the people that make my life wonderful.

But before I make myself cry, and before we get started with our recap–for which you can expect several little posts over the next few weeks–I wanted to share a poem with you. Written by one of the colorful friends, Matt Sharos, this poem was inspired by our wedding. It’s sweeter than strawberry jam.

after a mason jar of beer
or a paper straw of bourbon
you must pay attention
hear that banjo?
set down your kazoo
a sublime moment is before you
a vintage veil of flowers
with blue velvet leaves
and little white freckles
and patterned brown sleeves
there is a boy and a girl
both gorgeous and good
they left love
everywhere they stood
on branches and suns
and on skies and on trees
these two lovebirds
were meant to be

You can read Matt’s other wedding-week inspired poems on his poetry blog, PushUp Poetry.

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