A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: Rehearsal & Dinner

Brian West at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal

They have a arrived! We finally have our wedding pictures, and boy howdy are we excited to share them. We know you have been waiting in almost unbearable anticipation (humor us), so we’ll present them in a week-long wedding photo extravaganza! First up: the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Riley Ball, Grace Steinel Jones, and Megan Harper at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal

The wedding was at Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois. We didn’t know yet, but a light summer storm was a’comin’ on the actual wedding day. But we rehearsed as planned in the outdoor brick courtyard. Above are the ladies of the bridal party: Riley, the flower girl and daughter of Brian’s cousin; Grace, the matron-of-honor; and Megan, the maid-of-honor.

Riley Ball and Bryton Beasley at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal

Ours wasn’t the only love blooming that weekend. For little Riley and Bryton, Sarah’s little brother, it was love at first sight. When he wasn’t wooing the flower girl, Bryton helped our photographer, Alex Creswell, out with some documenting of his own.

officiant Stephen King at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal

We had Stephen King as our officiant. No, not that Stephen King. This Stephen King was a friend of Carlie’s, the groom’s sister and best woman. Our Stephen King had a thick, gingery beard and a liking for fine whiskey. Beat that, other Stephen King!

Sarah Ervin and Brian West at their wedding rehearsal

Truman's Ridge at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal

sweet bluegrass music by Truman's Ridge

It was a little muggy that day, but our bluegrass band pushed through it and delivered some fun tunes.

Brian West and Sarah Ervin wedding rehearsal dinner

back at the ol' homestead (sign made by the groom's mother, Susan West)

After the rehearsal, we all headed to Brian’s parents’ house for a laid-back dinner. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to relax before the big day than with barbecue, beer, hay bales, and cool peeps. Thank you, Tim and Susan, for a hoppin’ good time!

Sarah Ervin's bridal party at her wedding rehearsal dinner

Brian West and friends at his wedding rehearsal dinner

good company: Brian with Matt, Alana, and Jed

the West Ervin wedding party

the wedding party: Carlie, Jed, Brian, Sarah, Megan, Grace

After a little chillin’ in the backyard, we had an impromptu photo-op in the flowery field across the street. Pretty handsome bunch, no?

Brian West and Sarah Ervin

Brian West and Sarah Ervin holding hands

barbeque at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal dinner

doesn't get much better than that

Soraya Rowley at the West Ervin wedding rehearsal dinner

all smiles

We imported a few British folk in to be our ushers. It’s just hard to find that level of cuteness in American-made ushers…

Burt Hill socializing at the West Ervin rehearsal dinner

the West Ervin rehearsal dinner cake

Question: Can you have a party without cake? Answer: no.

Brian’s parents also had a custom cake made with our wedding logo!

Brian West and Sarah Ervin cutting their rehearsal dinner cake

a little practice for the next day

It was a wonderful start to our wedding weekend. Tune in tomorrow for photos from the big day! And for friends and family who want to order prints, we’ll share the high-res photos with you soon.

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