A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: Hitched!

West Ervin wedding "altar"

Let’s just get right to it! Here are the photos of the ceremony and all our wedding decor. Above is the “altar” made from a giant metal trellis and a vintage dresser scarf, on which I embroidered the word ‘happily’. Because that’s how we married–happily.

outside Blumen Gardens

A view from outside, among the gardeny beauty.

outside Blumen Gardens again

When our guests arrived, they were greeted with an abundance of greenery and flowers, which set the tone for our casual, homegrown weddin’.

West & Ervin Wedding sign

Brian’s mom Susan made several lovely signs to point our guests in the right direction.

West Ervin embroidered wedding programs

The week before, Brian and I, with the help of some of our dearest friends, made our programs. We designed and printed them on Kraft paper from French Paper Co, then embroidered little arrows on the bottom of each one in different colors.

West Ervin wedding rings (arrow designs)

Here are our beautiful wedding bands with matching arrow designs, which you may remember were created by our friend Marina of To The Metal.

West Ervin wedding program and guestbook

Here’s a full shot of the programs (in front of my bouquet) and our guestbook, which might be one of our favorite parts of the wedding.

West Ervin wedding guestbook

Instead of a simple book for our guests to write their names in, we created an ever growing book of postcards, mailed to us from the family and friends who celebrated with us. Over several months, we collected vintage postcards, many from Chicago, as well as our home states of Arkansas and Missouri. We then self-addressed and stamped them all. At the wedding, we displayed them in a postcard tree and asked our guests to pick their favorite, write us a little note, and pop it in the mail when they got back home. We’re still getting these in the mail, and it’s like a little present each time!

West Ervin wedding seating chart

For the seating chart, we created little buttons with each guest’s name and placed them on a vintage table cloth. The buttons were placed around the corresponding table number, which I embroidered into the cloth, and we used a giant embroidery hoop to display the whole thing.

West Ervin wedding place settings

For the bridal party and their spouses at the head table, we placed their name buttons directly on their plates.

West Erving wedding table decor

The plates were a mismatched collection of vintage and second-hand pieces, set atop an assortment of vintage napkins. For the centerpieces, we had metal tins planted with rosemary, table numbers embroidered on vintage postcards, baby’s breath (picked by the groom’s mother and sister) in empty wine bottles (happily “emptied” by the groom’s mother and sister), water in carafes, and forks in tin cans. We wanted to keep the tablescapes simple, casual, and sweet. I think we succeeded.

West Ervin wedding logo

At the head table, we placed the postcard with our wedding logo.

West Ervin wedding head table

West Ervin wedding reception space

West Ervin wedding coffee mugs

We also collected vintage mugs for coffee.

West Ervin wedding desert table

And instead of a wedding cake, we had wedding cake donuts! Served on vintage dessert plates, of course.

West Ervin wedding donuts

The donuts, more specifically apple cider donuts, were placed in wooden apple baskets made by Little Rock Crate & Basket Company. We couldn’t help but brand the baskets with our custom ‘WE’ stamp, and at the top we placed the two tiny white doves from Brian’s parents’ own wedding cake.

West Ervin wedding noisemakers

Each guest was given a tiny toy or noisemaker, including slide whistles, harmonicas, little horns, party blowers, kazoos, etc.

Truman's Ridge at the West Ervin wedding

Truman’s Ridge, our bluegrass bland, played us down the isle.

Truman's Ridge playing at the West Ervin wedding ceremony

West Ervin wedding ceremony

exchange of rings at the West Ervin wedding

kissing the bride at the West Ervin wedding

Sarah Ervin and Brian West just married!

flower girl at the West Ervin wedding

signing the marriage license at the West Ervin wedding

And we made it official! Tune in tomorrow for the portrait photos of us and the well-dressed wedding party.

6 thoughts on “A Westervin Wedding: Hitched!

  1. Sarah! Congratulations on gettin’ hitched! It’s been fun following your blog and watching the wedding plans come to life. It looks like you had a fantastic time, and the wedding decor is absolutely beautiful. Great job. Now what are you gonna do with all of your spare time?!

    • Thank you, Richelle! It’s definitely been a fun journey, and we’re so happy to have had people to share it with. And as for spare time? I wish! I started grad school three days after the wedding, so been keeping pretty busy πŸ™‚

  2. Hi,
    love your wedding! We are doing arrows to with in our wedding. I was wondering if you have a template of your beautiful programs?

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