A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: Posin’

kissing in the rain

Time for the wedding party portraits! These don’t need too much explainin’…

bride Sarah Ervin with her bouquet

Dress: Watters

Alterations by: Sue’s Bridal Rental & Alterations

Bouquet from: Kar-Fre Flowers

bride in a lush green garden

Crown: handmade

Sarah Ervin with her bridesmaids Grace and Megan

bridesmaids Grace Steinel Jones and Megan harper

Mama’s pretty babies!

West Ervin wedding party

Groom Brian West with his best woman Carlie and groomsman Jed

Those cutups…

the handsome groom and his groomspeople

Suit: Thick as Thieves

Shirt: Folk

Bow Tie: General Knot & Co.

Shoes: Vanishing Elephant

Boutonniere: Kar-Fre Flowers

Carlie West, Brian West, and Jed Thomas

Groomsman Jed Thomas, Best Woman Carlie West, and Groom Brian West

industrial meets rustic garden wedding party

West Ervin wedding party group photo

brown custom suit and white floral wedding gown

newlyweds in tall grass

J. Crew bridal catalog here we come!

sunflowers, storm clouds, and newlyweds

You can see the storm clouds rolling in.

newlyweds kissing and running through the rain with vintage umbrellas

It rained on us! Good luck, though, right?

newlyweds Brian West and Sarah Ervin in front of a flower-covered pick-up truck

And we lived happily every after. Check back tomorrow for a look at the choose-your-own-adventure bar and all the yummy drinks we had! And if you missed our first two wedding recaps, see photos from the rehearsal and ceremony.

4 thoughts on “A Westervin Wedding: Posin’

    • Oh no! You should definitely have a plan B. We actually got those umbrellas from Target at the last minute, and they were pretty cheap. Just remember that some things will go wrong. It’s inevitable. You just gotta run with it!

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