Westervin Wishlist

Westervin Wishlist: To Sarah, From Santa

christmas illustration by Heidi Burton


{ May I Lick the Spoon? by Heidi Burton }

My turn! Time to reveal all the goodies I’ve been pining for this Christmas. From dreamcats and lunar landscapes to mirror shards and rusty nails, I think I’ve put together a pretty interesting and comprehensive wishlist this year. See for yourself below!

handmade waxed cavas bag

{ Tan Waxed Canvas Bag from Bees’netta }

handmade 2012 cat calendar from Field Guided

{ Dreamcats 2012 Calendar from Field Guided }

handmade leather moon iPhone case

{ Lunar Landscape iPhone Case from Beautiful Skin }

silver sequin women's sweater

{ Party Sequin Sweater from Sosie }

handmade hello greeting cards

{ “Hello” Letterpress Notecards from Made by Good }

Makers: A History of American Studio Craft

{ Makers: A History of American Studio Craft }

handmade agate bracelet

{ Braided Linen & Agate Bracelet from ISWAS+WILLBE }

seafoam green backpack

{ Seafoam Backpack! }

dark wash flare jeans

{ Dark Wash Flare Jeans }

broken mirror earrings

{ Mirror Shards Earrings from Purpose }

Dirty Laundry black boots with red laces

{ Dirty Laundry Black Boots }

handmade nail & rope necklace

{ Handmade Nail & Rope Necklace from Newby Treasury }

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