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World Party Day

Guess what? It’s pretty much Spring, which means PARTY! If you are anything like us, you’ve been waiting to come out of hibernation and get back to work, and what better way to do that than with World Party Day?

World Party Day is April 3, 2012

BIG THINGS, Kitiya Palaskas, and The Adventure School have teamed up for World Party Day on April 3. “Wait, what’s World Party Day. I like parties and all, but what is this thing?” Let us explain. World Party Day is a synchronized day for world-wide partying. That is, we are giving you an excuse to party for one whole day. There are lots of things going on for this celebration, and we’ll even be providing a very special cocktail recipe. I suggest checking out BIG THINGS for all the details, but here are a few of the ways to get excited and involved.

There are so many ways you can participate in WORLD PARTY DAY:
Visual party stimulation Tumblr
Tweet or Instagram your party and plans using #worldpartyday
Celebrate with with one of the ‘official’ parties if you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco or Sydney
Join our 24-hour virtual Google+ Hangout party!

You can even sign up for a free WPD button! If you don’t love free buttons, you might wanna take a long, hard look at your life…

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