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Screenprinting Party

red wine and a handmade screenprint tote bag

I feel like I’ve joined an elite club of hip craftsters. I know how to screenprint! Well, I had a couple glasses of wine during my screenrprinting lesson, so I might not be able to recall all the details. I think I’ve got the general idea, though!

Lillstreet & Events by Willow

Because I’m working with the Lillstreet Art Center this summer on a series of DIY video tutorials, including “How to Screenprint a Onesie”, I was invited to one of their new art parties to actually see how it’s done. Claire (pictured above left) put together a fun screenprinting party for some ladies and bloggers-about-town, including myself and my good pal LB. The ladies behind Events By Willow (pictured above center and right) brought the wine and yummy snacks!


mini cupcakes, empenadas, and smoked salmon sandwiches

red wine and new friends

Laura Bock drinkin' wine and gettin' ready to screenprint

Thanks for coming along, LB!

putting on aprons

After we filled our tummies, we grabbed our aprons, and the fun began. I don’t want to give too much away about the process — you’ll have to wait for our video to learn how to screenprint yourself. But the following pictures from Lillstreet’s photographer & videographer, Joe Tighe (and instagrams from me!) should give you an idea of how much fun it is!

screenprinting on fabric at Lillstreet

screenprinting inks in all colors

screenprinting squeegees

Lillstreet teacher, Nora, shows us gals how to screenprint

screenprinting demonstration at Lillstreet

screenprinting tote bags

learning how to screenprint


screenprinting a vintage, neon telephone onto a tote bag

revealing their screenprinted totes

Sarah West Ervin is very happy with her screenprinted tote bag

vintage bicycle screenprint tote Laura Bock

screenprinting tote bag party at Lillstreet with Events by Willow

Sarah West Ervin and Laura Bock show off their handmade screenprint totes

If you just can’t wait for our video to find out how to be a cool screenprinter like me and LB, look for short workshops at local art centers or screenprinting studios. You might be surprised at how affordable they can be. Lillstreet will even host a private screenprinting party for you and your crafty buddies. I think I know what I want to do for my birthday (hint hint, Brian…)!

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