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The Big Book of Juices

One thing that has helped us get started with juicing is having a couple of books that explain how to prepare fruits & vegetables and what to expect nutritionally, as well as offer some good recipes. The Big Book of Juices, which we bought because it was big…and has both straight juice recipes and a smoothie section, is one such book.

apple & parsnip juice recipe from The Big Book of Juices

One of the first recipes we tried was a fruit/vegetable hybrid with apples and parsnips.

fresh apples, parsnips, and mint

Sarah and I don’t normally eat parsnips often, but we really liked this juice. It’ll definitely be a good way to use up some extra parsnips from our CSA box.

washed and cut apples & parsnips

Apples and Neeps

3 parsnips

3 apples

1/2 lime

3 sprigs of fresh mint

Step 1: Wash the apples and parsnips.

Step 2: Cut them into pieces that fit into your juicer. (Don’t worry about coring your apple. That can go straight into your juicer, too!)

Step 3: Um…juice it!

fresh juice: apples & parsnips with mint

The resulting juice is light, refreshing, and quite good for you. Needless to say, we were very pleased with our juicer investment.

fresh juice: the result

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