Cocktails, Crooners & Craft

Cocktails, Crooners & Craft: Hook Me Up, Part 3

You: Wow, Sarah! Are you crocheting?

Sarah: Why, yes. Yes I am.

You: That’s so cool!!!!!! I wanna be just like you.

Sarah: Well, you can be. Let me show you how.

We’re on the last leg or our crafting journey, and we’re finally getting to the fun stuff. Crocheting! You heard me right. We’re gonna learn how to crochet. Remember when I said I was gonna teach myself to crochet? Well I did! That weekend. For serious. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. If I can do it, you can too. And remember, if you get frustrated and wanna give up, just refer to the “30 Steps to Mastery“.

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Cocktails, Crooners & Craft

Cocktails, Crooners & Craft: Hook Me Up, Part 2

Now that we’ve got some provisions for our crafting expedition, it’s time to line up the presets. You just can’t take a trip without your favorite radio stations! For this particular project, we recommend the White Stripes… and for a few reasons. 1) They just announced they’re officially breaking up. Awww! Boo hoo. We didn’t see it coming. (JK). 2) But seriously, they’re a good f’ing band. You can’t go wrong with the White Stripes. I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing. Do it while listening to the White Stripes. 3) One could say that the craft we’re about to be craftering is a little too old school. Like, granny old. But to those naysayers, I say nay! We are bringing it back and in friggin’ style. Cuz we’ll be listening to the bloody White Stripes! Does your granny listen to the White Stripes? No. Now get away from me. (But come back in a few hours for our final installment!)

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Cocktails, Crooners & Craft

Cocktails, Crooners & Craft: Hook Me Up, Part 1

We’ve got some new fun for you friends of our, inspired by the crafternoon movement. Crafting is all about havin’ a good ol’ time, if you ask the Westervins, so why not make a day of it (probably not a weekday) with some fresh tunes and even fresher attitudes (by getting liquored up)! We wanna share some of our favorite craft projects and hobbies with you, and to make it even more enjoyable, we’ve paired each craft with a special cocktail concoction and some musical suggestions. So come along. Take a ride with us to a DIY paradise. But we’ll need to fill up the tank first!

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