Rippin' on the Headlines

Rippin’ on the Headlines: Evidence Builds on Color of Dinosaurs

Brian: Hey, Sarah!  Have you heard what they’re sayin’ about dinosaurs?
Sarah: That they’re made from corn, and like sugar, they’re fine in moderation?
Brian: That’s weird.  And no.  Researchers have determined the color of a 150 million year old species of dinosaur!
Sarah:  I guess that makes children’s coloring books obsolete.
Brian:   It appears that dinosaurs, at least the feathered variety, may have a lot in common with chickens.  According to the New York Times,
“The color pattern of Anchiornis is reminiscent of living birds. A breed of chickens called Silver Spangled Hamburgs, for example, has white, black-tipped wing feathers. Dr. Prum speculated that studying these chickens might allow scientists to determine the specific mutations that gave rise to Anchiornis’s plumage.”

Check out the Silver Spangled Hamburg for yourself:

Silver Spangled Hamburg

Sarah:  Aaaawesome!  You know what else looks like the Silver Spangled Hamburg?  This stuff!

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