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Red, White & Denim

Westervin: Red, White & Denim


Top Row:  { Caddie Sandal from Sole Society } { Annabelle Bracelet by Jaclyn Mayer } { Chambray Shirt Dress from Rue La La }

Center: { Cynthia Zamaria’s House Tour on Apartment Therapy }

Bottom Row: { Retro Headband from C’est bon pour c’ que t’as } { Pana Clutch by Proud Mary } { Sea Fan Print from Alga Net }

Shopping Sherpa

Come On, Spring…

handmade art, accessories, and housewares inspired by Spring

{ 1. Mini Macrame Planters }  { 2. Custom Portraits on Wood }

{ 3. Butterfly Temporary Tattoos }  { 4. Cat Chase Wallet }  { 5. Compound Ring }

{ 6. Snow & Pearl Cup }  { 7. Lemon/Mint Scarf }

A Westervin Wedding, Shopping Sherpa

New Wedding Bands for Our First Anniversary

handmade geometric gold and silver wedding bands

{ 1. Stardust Wedding Band } { 2. Gold Bubbles Ring }  { 3. Metropolitan Wedding Band }

{ 4. Gold Branch Ring }  { 5. Banner Ring }  { 6. Grid Ring }

{ 7. Starlight Wedding Band }  { 8. Gold Slant Ring }  { 9. Titanium & Yellow Gold Ring }

Brian and I are getting new wedding bands for our 1-year anniversary next month. Why, you ask? Well, we’ve come up with a few reasons to get a new set:

1. It’s fun! Finding new rings together to reflect our personal styles has been pretty enjoyable.

2. It takes the stress out of finding the perfect anniversary gift and trying to keep it a secret. (I’m very skilled in ruing surprises.)

3. We LOVE our current wedding rings, but I’d like to have the option of having a different style and color to wear.

4. I get that a wedding band is a symbol of your union to one person, so it makes sense for that ring to stay constant. But a marriage doesn’t stay the same from year to year. You grow and change together. Therefore, I want a new set of rings to reflect on and celebrate that we’ve made it, happily, through a full year of marriage together.

5. We’re keeping it affordable by purchasing handmade rings and avoiding solid gold or other high-priced metals. And I love supporting individual craftspeople and jewelry-makers!

6. It’s non-traditional. This might be a reason against getting new wedding bands, but we’re counting this in the “for” column.

The only problem? With so many awesome options out there, it’s been hard choosing the right one for each of us! Of the nine rings above, I think we’ve narrowed it down to the two we want. (The options for Brian are in the four corners.) But I kinda want your opinion! Which rings do you like best? What do you think about getting a new set of affordable, handmade wedding bands each year? Don’t hold back.

Shopping Sherpa


{ 1. Mini Meatloaves }  { 2. Neon Hex Ring }  { 3. Sailor’s Knot Bracelet }  { 4. Natural Rose Red Lipgloss }  { 5. Fantasy by Yuko Nakamura }  { 6. Vegan Mini Journal }  { 7. Vintage Embroidered Top }

Shopping Sherpa

Lil Cowpoke

country cowgirl fashion and accessories

{ 1. Carla Barth Painting }  { 2. Lanikai Concert Banjolele }  { 3. Sweet Grass Dress }  { 4. Gold-plated Horse Studs }  { Old West Wingtip Cowgirl Boot }

Shopping Sherpa

Tropical Tango

tangerine tango fashion, art, and accessories

{ 1. Vintage Owls }  { 2. Neon Vegan Leather Handbag }  { 3. Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace }  { 4. Girl Painting by Jennifer Davis }  { 5. Leia Floral Blouse }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Bare


black and tan fashion and accessories

{ 1. Empty Memory USB  }  { 2. Color Block Blouse }  { 3. Color Block Watch }  { 4. Dolce Vita Sandal }  { 5. Oxidized Silver Earrings }  { 6. Metallic Linen & Silk Purse }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Black as Night

black handmade accessories and vintage clothing

Clockwise from top left: { Swan Song Noir Ring from Blood Milk }  { Cannon Earrings from Stone & Honey }  { Vintage Beaded Blouse from The Greedy Seagull, Inc. }  { Thunder In Our Hearts Tote from Field Guided }  { REVOLUTION / PLANETS Print from Beauchamping (found via Where The Lovely Things Are) }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Bundled Beauty

vintage inspired fashion and art from Etsy

Clockwise from top: { A Cold Day for a Drive Limited Edition Print from Elizabeth Bauman }  { Vintage 40′s Oxford Heels from Ginger Root Vintage }  { Bubble Beret in Charcoal Grey from softspoken }  { Upcycled Fur Cowl from zaama }

We’ve been blessed with a few new readers as of late (hello, new readers!), and I realized that they may not know the Shopping Sherpa yet! It’s been a while since he’s come to visit, so I figured this the perfect time to reintroduce him.

So who is this Shopping Sherpa? Well, he’s mysterious and a little hard to nail down. I think he’s really a little part of all of us, like a little shopping conscience.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: 12 Best Calendars for 2012

12 best calendars for 2012

It’s here, it’s here! What you ask? New calendar time (otherwise known as a brand new year)! I don’t care if you’ve got a fancy pants phone or computer that you use to determine the days of the week—you just can’t beat the simplicity of the calendar. Plus, calendars can be pretty awesome looking. However, with so many calendar options, and only a limited time to find the right one, I’ve taken the liberty of hunting down the 12 best of the best wall calendars for you. And by “best”, I really just mean “my favorite”. Let the countdown begin!

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