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Why I Love Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson with Rookie Yearbook One

{ photo credit: Jean-Pierre Caner }

What were your biggest concerns as a teenager? Fitting in? Finding yourself? Trying to make sense of the world around you as it expanded beyond you, sometimes painfully, while everything felt so intensely important? Sixteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson is concerned with these things, too—not just for herself but for her following of teenage girls and young women. As the founder and editor of Rookie Magazine, Tavi explores these issues with maturity, feminist principles, and a strong sense of purpose. In her reviews of books, music, movies, and television, she analyzes emotional impact, authenticity, and complexity, sharing what will inspire, inform, and guide readers toward a healthier understanding of themselves and the world.

Tavi knows how a work of art will make readers feel. We will identify with the angst in Heathers, the yearning in The Virgin Suicides, and the “combined relief and excitement” of Etta James’ “At Last!” She understands the power that emotions hold, over teenagers especially, and acknowledges their often-fleeting nature.

Tavi also analyzes authenticity in art, dismissing female stereotypes while praising Joni Mitchell’s honesty about her own weaknesses, as well as Lena Dunham and Mindy Khaling for their sincere, non-clichéd portrayals of imperfect but inspiring women.

Whether celebrating a work for its layers of wit and charm or highlighting a character’s contradictory nature, like the sarcastic but hopeful Mindy, Tavi appreciates complexity. She sees how art can help readers reconcile their own contradictions—listen to Bowie’s Hunky Dory, she says, when you want to “feel like being in love with life without betraying the side of you that sometimes watches Bridezilla just to laugh at how stupid it is.”

Tavi zeroes in on the elements of art—emotional impact, authenticity, and complexity—that allow us to connect, be inspired, and make something of the world and of ourselves. I wish she had been around when I was 16…but at least she’s here for me now.

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Improving Your City

farmer's market bounty, photograph by Clebr Mori

{ Farmers Market by Clebr Mori }

While making this pretty pairing, I happened to peruse the artist Rick Beerhorst’s website and discovered a very fun, creative family. I noticed that one of his daughters, Rose, has her own Etsy shop and blog, and I found quite a bit of inspiration from this passionate young woman. Her list of 10 Ways to Make Your City Cool! was particularly fun. My favorite suggestion was #9: “Get to know your city’s history, everywhere has a story and the more you know the deeper your appreciation!”

So true! The places in Chicago that Brian and I like to visit the most are usually the places with the most interesting histories. Check out the rest of Rose’s list to see how you can make your city a better place to live. You might find a tip that really inspires you! If you do, come back and tell me about it…

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Today I Love: Freshly Minted

handmade mint bag

Fabric & Handle shopping bag via Gemma Lawson

This is not a new trend, nor is this my new favorite color (have you seen my wardrobe?), but boy howdy is it exploding! I’m finding more and more mint and sea green colored beauties on Pinterest and the rest of the world wide web, and it’s really making me yearn for lighter, brighter weather. COME ON SPRING! Let’s do this thing!

photograph of a mint green building by Michael ten Pas

Michael ten Pas via Marika Rothrock

mint green fashions & illustration

{ left } via Abby Ritchey { right } Do What You Love via Mallory McInnis

Le Bunny Bleu slip-ons

Le Bunny Bleu basic slip-ons

via myloveforyou

mint green interiors and fashion

{ left } via Alexandra Corden { right } Madewell skinny cords via Dre Fitzer

green sea glass necklace from Ornamental Things

Ornamental Things green tooth necklace

Leanimal handmade seafoam blouse

Leanne Marshall silk blouse


mint green fashion and interior design

{ left } Zara asymmetric skirt { right } Lili Diallo interior via Bonnie Tsang

The Tiny Boat fine art photograph by Bianca Stewart

Bianca Stewart’s The Tiny Boat via Megan Harper

Snug Studio geometric necklace via Nicole Soh

via H. M.

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Today I Love: Anticipation

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of this magical-sounding book. It has to be good. It has to be so so good. Please be good.

One day, you will be mine.

It’s that time again. The season for handfuls of fresh, ripe fruit all over your summer salads. Or rather, a little bit of lettuce in my fruit salad. One of the few ways you can get me to eat vegetables.

After I graduate, we will move to a smaller city, where we can enjoy more sunshine, all four seasons, and a big house all to ourselves with a yard for a dog and trees (or cacti). Until then, I’ll find comfort in this tiny pocket box.

I waited too long to see Made in Dageham, cuz DANG is it good! It sucked me in with it’s amazing 60’s style, but it was the ladies’ kick-ass attitudes that really won me over.

A must have? Or a definitely must have?

This “Freedom Fighter” has won my heart. { via Hey Mammoth }

More wedding inspiration. It’s just around the corner!

I recently ordered this dress. It’s crazy, I know! Unlike anything I normally wear. But I was drawn to it. I figure I can dress it down with a light denim jacket (seems to be the trend, right?), earthy jewelry, and some casual flats. Yes? Maybe? We’ll find out soon enough.

Jo Hamilton loves Portland. Enough to recreate it in yarn. It’s crocheted, people! I wonder how long that took…

Come home with me?

Ok bye! See you later.

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Today I love…

Since I don’t have a lot of extra time this week, I thought I’d put together a simple post of random images/things that I’ve been enjoying lately. Hope you it enjoy too! (Most images found via Pinterest. Click through to credits.)

Time to exchange my heavy knit cowls for lighter, spring-ier scarfs.

Study. Eat pastries. Study. Sleep.

Woven beauty.

Tiny teacup for caffeine and cuteness? Yes, I should get this.

I would wear you everyday.


Must display my ever-growing collection of vintage mugs and teacups.

Can’t stop watching Some Kind of Wonderful. When not studying, of course.

Keep it loose.

New embroidered book covers for Emma, Black Beauty & The Secret Garden by Penguin Books. Wish I’d thought of that.

If I pass this accounting test, I will buy myself this book and learn how to quilt. For my non-existent log cabin. If I don’t pass this test, I will have to take an accounting course over the summer. Boo. Back to studying!

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Today I Love: Party Animals!

Dear friends, meet my new party sheep! Now, you may be saying to yourself, “What? I don’t understand what I’m seeing.” Let me explain. No. I can’t explain. It’s just my party sheep. Accept him for who he is. Ok? My little party sheep happens to be the inspiration behind our Christmas tree this year. I know it’s early yet, but party sheep’s merriment is infectious! I’ve already got a few complimentary ornaments picked out

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Kitchen Fable

I came across this silverware collage during my daily Flickr foraging, and it reminded me of this poem, Kitchen Fable, by Elenor Ross Taylor, which I heard at a recent Poetry Foundation event, and with which I fell instantly in love.  Eleanor’s old, southern sass is delightful.  She had me at “nonforthcoming pickles”.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Today I Love: Cookies & Sunshine

mexican pastries, cactus and aloe vera

Oh hello there little Mexican bakery near our new apartment.  How sweet of you {pun intended} to offer us some delicious pastries on our way home from work.  Have you met two of our new houseplants, Cecil {after the great American filmmaker} and Zanzibar Jr. {he’s a Zanzibar Aloe}?  You’re all making our lives so much more enjoyable.

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Today I Love: My Sailor Knot Pouch

iheartmonami sailor knot zipper pouch

I’m not a “purse girl”.  Do I have a lot of purses?  Yes.  Do I use them?  Rarely.  I am, however, a chapstick kind of girl.  And, really, how can one leave the house without a wallet and cell phone?  But let’s face it — the pockets on my skinny jeans can barely accommodate a stick of gum, let alone all these necessities.  Luckily, my sack lunch gives me a good enough excuse to lug around a giant lady bag every workday.  But what do I do on the weekends and after work?  Enter: Thea of I Heart Mon Ami.

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Today I Love: superbomba!

vintage photo from

I have stumbled upon on the most joyous of photostreams.  Superbomba is a masterfully curated collection of vintage images, from candid moments to family portraits that would put Awkward Family Photos to shame, these photos are often slightly odd and sometimes unquestionably bizzarre.  Some are even beautiful enough to frame!  Like this little cowboy above — I want to put him in a frame on my bedside table, so his chubby-cheeked smile can greet me every morning.  Creepy?  Perhaps.  Judge me if you will.

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