Yayza! Speaking of Nick Mullins…

hairy brooch by Nick Mullins

I just can’t get enough of Nick Mullins’ brooches!  They’re definitely “yayza!”-worthy sculptural pieces, made from found objects or materials made to look like found objects, like jewel-encrusted hairballs.  “Hey, Nick!  What’s that on your shirt?” — “Oh this?  It’s just my jewel-encrusted hairball brooch.  Yeah… I just found it.”  Plus, it never hurts when you can coordinate your jewelry with your facial hair.


Yayza! Rainbow Milk

illustration by mia christopher

{ Untitled by Mia Christopher }

There’s nothing quite like a carton of rainbow milk, eh?  I bet Dr. Seuss would have enjoyed some along with his green eggs and ham.


Yayza! Christopher David Ryan

design by Christopher David Ryan

{ Being by Christopher David Ryan }

Just TRY to find something more cheerfully motivating.  I dare you.  (This was my only New Year’s Resolution.)


Yayza! SKIN Project

If you’ve read more than three or four of my posts, you may have noticed that I like finding connections between different images — pairing photography or illustrations from different artists.  So when I came across the little buddy below while browsing Hernán Paganini’s photostream, my jaw dropped a little.   A lot, actually.  I was, and am still, in awe.

artist collaboration from Hernan Paganini's SKIN Project

{ New collaborations in SKIN Project }
{ Frames of David Ménded / Cortney Cassidy / Máximo Pedraza  }

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Yayza! ▲nni.

Things are just swinging along today!  Lots of happy happenings.  I keep offering cookies to all the kind people who are tweeting and posting about our current giveaway.  I better stop before I find myself in an overwhelming sea of cookie dough.  Although, that could be kinda fun… Like that scene in Patch Adams where the old lady swims in a pool of cooked noodles.  Only, instead of swimming, it would be more like laying on top of the gooey mess and slowly eating my way to the bottom.  Oh, you don’t think I could eat an entire kiddie pool of cookie dough?  Think again.

photography by Anni Abeja Indie

{ Untitled by Anni Abeja Indie }


Yayza! Eika Dopludo

I could bask in the beauty of this wonderland all day.  Well, at least until lunch, which should be in about… 30 minutes.

art by eika dopludo

{ Mountains (a place i’ve never been too) by Eika Dopludo }

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Yayza! Maia Akiva

You’re probably sitting in a chair, looking straight at this photograph.  Are you directly in front of the photo?  Are your shoulders parallel with the girl’s shoulders?  You are an extension of this photo!  It’s like when there are two mirrors facing each other, and when you stand in between them, your reflection keeps going on and on for infinity.  Did I just blow your mind?!  Your welcome.

Photography by Maia Akiva

{ gallery piece by Maia Akiva }

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