Westervin Wishlist

We think the Shopping Sherpa did a pretty good job of coming up with gift ideas for everyone else, but we didn’t need any help with finding our own gifts to wish for. Between an Etsy addiction (Sarah’s, obv) and daily scouring of the interwebs (Brian), we’ve collected plenty a pretty present idea over the months. Sure, we’re a little late for all of you to buy us Christmas presents, but maybe, someone, somewhere will get us something from out list during the new year. Here’s hoping!

{ San Miguel Blanket from Pendleton }  { Arrow Scarf Print from Hello Jenuine }

{ Bar Roll-Up from Cocktail Kingdom }  { Leather Chevron Earrings from Dinosaur Toes }

{ Apron SS0929 from Stanley & Sons }  { Parallel Highway Necklace from A Lovely, Little Shop }

{ Tobacco & Sandalwood Candle from Sydney Hale Co. }  { Shredded T No. 5 from Urban Revisions }

{ Arrow Cuff Links from Swift Fox Vintage }  { Joanna Floral Fascinator from Which Goose }

{ Missouri Plyboo Cutting Board from AHeirloom }{ Great Outdoors with Forest Panel Painting, Camping from Dolan Geiman }

{ WOOD super thick body creme from Portland General Store }{ the strange planet from The Good Machinery }

{ Choose Your Own (Pickle) Adventure Pack from Sardine and Anchovy } { night swim . tiny original mixed media collage on wood from gretchenmist }

{ Travel Bag Pendleton Wool Shaving Case from Timberline Treasures } { Captain Bert from Alice Gabb }

clarity wishlist

Vintage Laboratory Beakers from DKGeneral Store } { Spirit Creature glass mug from Corduroy }

good tunes wishlist

2011 Numero Group Subscription } { The Day Pack in Woven Wool from Infusion }

happy home wishlist

Arkansas from Frank Chimero } { Rock Piles II from Miniature Trapdoor }