A Pretty Pair

Mother Nature

A Pretty Pair: "Broken Butterfly" by Anne Ten Donkelaar & "Howl with the Wolves" by Sarah Burwash

De draadspanner by Anne Ten Donkelaar (via Junk Culture) }

{ Howl With The Wolves by Sarah Burwash }

A Pretty Pair

Bustling Bouquet

collages by Anne Ten Donkelaar and Brandi Strickland

{ Flower Construction #3 by Anne Ten Donkelaar (via Design for Mankind) }

{ Yellow Sky by Brandi Strickland }

A Pretty Pair

Busy Bouquets

art by Anne En Donelaar; art by Jazmin Berakha

Flower Construction #8 by Anne ten Donkelaar (via Design for Mankind) }

{ Embroidery by Jazmín Berakha (via Art Hound) }