A Pretty Pair

Out to Sea

"Balloon Man's Last Walk" by Viktor Gårdsäter; "du rire et des larmes" by Philippe Chabot

{ Balloon Man’s Last Walk by Viktor Gårdsäter (via Booooooom) }

{ du rire et des larmes by Philippe Chabot (via Booooooom) }

A Pretty Pair

Black Hole

"Reaching Branch" by Scott Hazard; "Allegro" by Misato Suzuki

{ Reaching Branch by Scott Hazard (via Booooooom) }

{ Allegro by Misato Suzuki (via Design For Mankind) }

A Pretty Pair

Electrical Storm

photograph by Ulrika Kestere; collage by Val Britton

{ 7 Horses by Ulrika Kestere (via Booooooom) }

{ Under the Ruptured Sky by Val Britton (via Booooooom) }

A Pretty Pair

My Little Pony

photography by Nick & Chloe; painting by Rico Blanco

{ Fashion shoot for Junior Magazine by Nick & Chloé (via Nicole Licht) }

{ Untitled by Rico Blanco (via Booooooom) }