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Sarah’s 29th

My birthday is around the corner (August 9), and I’ve started getting questions about what I want from my sweet friendies and fam. Since I love putting together wishlists, I figured it was time to share my top ten hoped-for items! Use this list as inspiration and feel free to get crafty. Or reach out to me or Brian if you have questions or other ideas you want to run by one of us! Surprises are also appreciated. . . 


1. Since Brian and I Kondo-ed our kitchen, I’ve been one short of my perfect mug collection. This floral option featuring Dolly holding a kitten would perfectly complete my collection, but any unique handmade mug would make me oh-so-happy. 

2. Though this Lady Parts Zipper Pouch isn’t currently available, I’m adding it to the list in case any of my crafty pals wants to whip me up something similar. I’ve especially been wanting a simple hip bag or tiny cross-body pouch for carrying my few everyday essentials. 

3. Who needs a birthday card when you can have a Gilly card?! (Fun Fact: I can do two impressions—Gilly and Morrisey.)

4. I want to step up my brooch game with this Bright Side Magnet Brooch

5. Our table seems so empty without a Ghost Salt Shaker.

6. A large part of why I love these little black earrings is that they’re called Tiny Wiggles, but I think they would also match most of my wardrobe.

7. The Don’t Tell Me What To Do Sloth speaks to me on a spiritual level. 

8. These Voluspa Glass Jar Candles are the best candles that have ever been candled. Brian and I both love them, and we’ve been pretty disappointed with all the different replacement candles we’ve tried since our last one burned down. Nothing compares to you, Voluspa! My favorite scents are Eden & Pear, Santiago Huckleberry, and Goji & Tarocco Orange.

9. I also Kondo-ed my jewelry collection and narrowed my many earrings to a few special pairs that would store beautifully in this classy ceramic egg holder

10. I was kinda over garlands until I saw this People In Outrageous Swimwear garland kit. I just need it. 


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A Westervin Wedding: Sweet as Honey

beard & beehive illustration by Kim Baise

{ Butterfly Beehives and Beards by Kim Baise }

Though the B-bops and I haven’t set a date yet, my head is buzzing with wedding plans.  And because I’m really good at forgetting things, it’s a well developed skill of mine really, I’m turning each idea into a blog post!  This will create a permanent record that we can look back through when the actual planning occurs, which will probably be a couple years from now if we don’t win the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest*.  So what’s my first idea, you ask?

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