Westervin Wishlist

26 Years

Pie from Bang Bang

It’s my birthday, y’all! Well, it will be tomorrow, and I’m gettin’ pumped. I have what I think is the perfect weekend-long birthday celebration ahead: Friday off from work (did someone say shopping); a trip with some frands to Six Flags on Saturday; and a joint-birthday potluck brunch in our backyard on Sunday (our pal LB is turning 24 that day). It will make for the most perfectest combination of relaxation, excitement, socializing, sunshine, and a little alcohol (Brian will be making fresh OJ for mimosas and tomato juice for bloody marys at the brunch)! Do I have it made or what?!

Because the anticipation is killing me, I thought I’d kill some time with a birthday wishlist, which includes some of these things I’m looking forward to and some things I’m still pining for.

The first is an entire pie from Bang Bang (see above). Preferably a chilled pie, like key lime or banana cream. Mmmmmm……. We’ll be picking up my pie order on Sunday for the brunch!

Six Flags roller coaster

Roller coasters via Six Flags. I need the thrill, baby!

edible arrangement

{ image from The Beautiful Thrifty Life }

An edible arrangement. Not kidding. I really want this. I’m literally so excited about one of these bad boys being delivered to my office tomorrow that I’ve probably spent 6 hours on their website looking at all the different fruit combinations and arrangements and asking Brian 50 times what time it’s gonna arrive!

Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

More reading material! These are just two of the titles on my list of books to read before classes start again in September.  Here’s hoping I can keep it up through the fall semester! (Who am I kidding?)

handmade bracelets

Bracelets! All the bracelets!

Clockwise: Ice Blue, River, Two-Toned, Amazonite, Maidenhair Fern, Coral & Cobalt

gray and white cat

A companion for Fitzgerald. This kitteh’s name is Prince, and he wants me to give him a forever home. I can tell by the look in his eyes.

cat temporary tattoos

Or at least temporary cat tattoos. But preferably both.

A Pretty Pair

Buckets of Love

photograph by Soledad Burgos; illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova

{ Untitled by Soledad Burgos }

{ Cat Nap by Yelena Bryksenkova (via Where The Lovely Things Are) }

Swell Dwelling

Swell Dwelling: Sweet Dreams

cat and monster

The whole reason we got married was to get a new mattres. Ok, well, that’s not true at all, but we really wanted to update our late 70s model mattress with something a bit nicer! But we didn’t stop there. We used the new mattress as an excuse to buy new stuff for the rest of our bedroom, to make it feel cozier. Below are some highlights from our progress thus far.

We’ve got a whole new sleep system: mattress, duvet, cover. We still need new pillow covers for the throw pillows, though. It’s quickly become Fitzy’s new favorite place. He just loves that fluffy pillow top!

We’ve also tried our hands at arranging some new/re-positioned wall art.

Here’s another view of said wall art… and new curtains! We need to steam out those wrinkles. We’ll also be painting in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that (and please ignore the messy nightstand).

More curtain wrinkles! And a peek at our fave rug.

We also got a vacuum, so now we can have rugs. Well, rugs that aren’t covered in dirt and a layer of black cat hair!

More wall art. Please ignore messy dresser. Do not ignore silly cat.

More silly cat. Fitzy’s not the only one who loves our new bedroom.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Ecru & Little Creatures Too

I imagine these items would befit a slightly-eccentric, hippie-esque cat lady. You know who I’m talking about; there’s one in every neighborhood. She proudly displays custom portraits of her pets and wears the same eyeglasses she’s worn since age 30. Her hair is unkempt, with a few fake flowers stuck here and there, and in her spare time, she makes tiny stuffed animals out of old sweaters and little buttons she finds on the ground. And these cat ladies, their names always begin with “Crazy”. As in “Crazy Kathy, who lives down by the laundry mat”. Oddly enough, this is the future I envision for myself. I’m not afraid.

Clockwise from top left: { Vintage Cat Eye Frames from Vintage 50s Eyewear }  { Nature Girl Halo from Mignonne }  { Double Pet Portrait from Sarah McNeil }  { A Very Young Calf from Every Eskimo }

Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Silent Silhouette

{ Untitled by Constanza Giuliani }  { My little shadow by Jen Pringle }

Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Scaredy Cat

cat illustration by Oisin Orlandy; photograph by Ida Nordung

{ “BLACK CATS ARE LIVING CREATURES TOO.” by Oisin Orlandy }  { Kraa by Ida Nordung }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Fitzy’s Puttin’ on the Ritz

handmade cat crafts from Etsy

I can’t deny it. I’m that girl. The girl that buys unnecessary accessories for her cat, takes a gazzilion and one pictures of said cat, and forces her co-workers to watch countless videos of same cat doing ordinary cat things that only she finds sickeningly cute. (We’re not going to inflict such photos and videos on you. Not just yet, anyway. Be on the lookout for endless Flickr albums of our dear Fitzgerald…) And you know what? I’m not ashamed. I’m a proud cat mamma! I’m even thinking about celebrating ol’ Fitzy’s birthday (we’ll have to make up a birthdate for him), and I’ve picked out a few kitty gifts for him!

Pet Party Hat from xmoonbloom; Handpainted Porcelain Food Dish from Jeanette Risco

Sally Cat’s Catnip Mouse from ReFabulous; Mug Shot Greeting Card from katefunk

Dover Cat from Marjji; Modern Pet Bed in Ecru Celery from Like Kittysville