Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Yakety Yak, Don’t Talk Back

{ F1050036 by Santonu Roy }  { Collaboration avec Some Milk by Cendrine Rovini }

Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: A Pleasant Pheasant

{ Untitled by Katarina Soskic }  { Le mantel d’oiseaux bleu-timide by Cendrine Rovini }

FYI: I do not have allergies. As I found out last week, I am not allergic to a single. damn. thing. Truth be told, I have Vasomotor Rhinitis. Whoa, slow down there, Dr. Fancy-word-pants McGee! What does that mean? Basically, my nose is super sensitive to everything—the whole dang world, it seems, from strong odors and chemical smells to changes in temperature and bright sunlight—and the results are eerily similar to sinus allergies (e.g. congestion, sinus pressure, dry & itchy eyes). But in addition to the pain and discomfort, I’m also really good at detecting different scents. I believe that this, coupled with my “super taster” status (I’m more sensitive to bitter tastes, and no, I’m not making this up), makes me something of a superhero. A demi-superhero, at least.