A Pretty Pair

A Pretty Pair: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Photograph by Ilze Vanaga; Art by Vince Contarino

{ Childhood is like a loaded gun by Ilze Vanaga; via Booooooom }  { Untitled (6) by Vince Contarino; found via Lauren Willhite on Design for Mankind }


Build It

{ “Despicable Dogs” by Small Black}

Planned Destruction

There was a time, I’m not exactly sure when, somewhere between 2nd and 7th grade, when I spent a lot of time in the basement. Between watching TV and “learning” the computer, I spent hours and hours building stuff. We had a vintage Erector Set and Tinker Toys from my Dad’s boyhood, and I had Legos, and hammers and nails, and all of that stuff that you would expect a young boy to have. But my favorite thing by far was a dark blue plastic milk crate full of wooden blocks. I loved building all kinds of structures, always stretching the finite number of blocks with Jenga-like precision to see how tall, or how large, or how impenetrable I could make it. These were forts, castles, office buildings, cities. Anything was possible.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Reconstruct & Regress

Following the thread on eye-catching color and child’s play, the Shopping Sherpa and I have regressed a bit.  We’ve gotten lost in a little reminiscing, traveling back to the world of paint by numbers, pretend and vividly colored playthings.  I miss my giant blocks, with which I would construct rainbow colored houses for my dolls, and the My Little Pony collection I amassed, complete with baby ponies, water ponies and even a tent that fit on top of my bed with a repeating pattern of ponies prancing in peony-covered fields (jealous?).  Are you remembering with us?  Surely you also had a big green box of crayons and colored pencils.  It was dirty and dusty and wonderful, smudged with many colors and the mixed scent of wood and wax.  How nice it is to go back every once in a while, no?  Well, lucky for us, the Shopping Sherpa found a few childish pretties for our grown-up selves.

colored pencil art and jewelry

Clockwise from top left: Colored Pencils Ring by Maria Cristina Bellucci found via Short Story Design; Lapicitos Necklace from Corazón de Galleta (that means “cookie heart” in Spanish!  How fun is that?  Galleta is one of my favorite Spanish words to say… and it might just be because it means “cookie”.  I think we all know how I feel about cookies); Lemon Colored Pencil Earrings from The Lost Earring; Autumn Corn Field Original Pencil Drawing from Emburr