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Shop Update: Cubist Hats, Turban Headbands, and More Wristlets

Cubist Crochet Pom-Pom Cap by Westervin

Is the weather in your neck of the woods quickly changing from cool to cooler? Have you found yourself thinking to yourself, “oh dear, my head is feeling a little chilly,” while wandering about outside? Well, I’ve got the solution for you: KITTEN MITTENS! No, JK. But the new hats and headbands I’ve just listed in the Westervin shop might be of interest to you.

Cubist Crochet Pom-Pom Hats by Westervin

This mini collection of items now available features new, one-of-a-kind designs for my signature pom-pom hats, as well as my first line of headbands and a few more triangle wristlets. I’m quite excited about these special new hats, which were inspired by the handwoven floor mats of Hlynur Atlason, which depict “backyards and swimming pools as patterns from above.” Brilliant, right? I wanted to make something similar that could be worn — a statement piece for your head! Why not wear a work of art? Each cubist-like pattern of abstract shapes is unique; no two hats are alike. Using my own popular pom-pom hat pattern as the base, I set out to create a piece of knitwear that would transform as the wearer moved, that looked different from every angle. I’m very happy with how these babies turned out!

Cream & Rainbow Turban Headband by Westervin

Also new to the shop are a line of my all-time favorite accessory — my turban-style headbands. I would wear these year-round if I could. While they’re a little too warm for the summer, they provide the perfect amount of cozy warmth for the fall and mild winters. This headband design was the first crochet pattern I ever created on my own. It was also only the second piece I ever crocheted, about four years ago. The first was a simple gray cowl with a single-crochet stitch, which I still wear to this day. Then, because I am often overly confident and enthusiastic, I decided to create my own turban headband. [Side note: I am apparently a “Get Your Freak On” kind of knitter, according to the goddess Debbie Stoller in Stitch n’ Bitch. I learned this about myself during my first year of college back in good ole ’04 when I co-founded Hendrix College’s first and only (that I know of) Underground Knitting Society with two young women who would become my forever friends. The “Get Your Freak On” types knit and crochet by their own rules. This is still true in my case.] Well, after several frustrating attempts, I finally settled on this headband design with a popcorn stitch stripe and twisty top-not for that oh-so popular turban look. I lurb it. Especially with my new short little hairsy-do!

Black & Tan Turban Headband by Westervin

Triangle Crochet Wristlet by Westervin

And finally, in this new mini collection you’ll find a few more of the triangle crochet wristlets I started offering a couple months ago. The first batch nearly sold old within a week, so I figured I better update my stock. I must give the people want they want.

Triangle Crochet Wristlets by Westervin

Outtakes from the Westervin Shop Update #1

Oh, and just for giggles, I thought I’d share my best outtakes from the recent photoshoot. Forced smiles, blinks, and empty stares! I’m so good at modeling…

More Outtakes from the Westervin Shop Update

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Free Graphic Design Services from DesignEgg

DesignEgg scamp trailer

{ Design Egg: Good Design for Great Ideas }

I’m excited to announce the launch of an innovative new initiative, for which I am extremely honored to play a small part. Crowdfunded through one of Kickstarter’s most popular design campaigns, DesignEgg is a one-year, traveling program offering free graphic design services to worthy artists, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations in need across the US. Over the next year, $25,000 worth of DesignEgg credits will be awarded! Yeah, $25,000 worth of free graphic design!

the DesignEgg team: Pickle, Andy Wickstrom, and Jess Mott Wickstrom

 { Andy, Jess, and Pickle in their new home for the next 11 months }

This amazing project is the brainchild of Andy Wickstrom and Jess Mott Wickstrom (with help from Pickle, I’m sure). This dream team’s many talents include studio art & photography, curating, arts management, rock-climbing, being all-around amazing individuals, and, of course, expert graphic design skills. Since 2003, Jess and Andy have been working with artists, arts organizations, small businesses, and record labels, including The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University, and The Ravi Shankar Foundation/East Meets West Music, to name but a few, and developing a notable portfolio through their graphic design business, Wickstrom Design.

inside the DesignEgg scamp trailer

{ inside the freshly renovated DesignEgg trailer }

I was thrilled when Jess and Andy asked me to be part of the DesignEgg selection committee and quickly humbled when I saw the intimidatingly impressive group of arts, education, and business professionals I would be joining. Luckily, I managed to overcome a brief bout of impostor syndrome and told them that OF COURSE I would join their committee. Who wouldn’t?

interior redesign of the DesignEgg scamp trailer

{ Pickle approves of the scamp re-design }

So my friends, family, and kind readers, if, after learning about DesignEgg, you thought to yourself, “Hey, I could really use some free graphic design services,” then don’t hesitate. Apply now! The application process is pretty simple (just answer a few questions and explain your graphic design needs), and the DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 1.

mountain view from the DesignEgg travels

{ DesignEgg travels through Colorado }

You just can’t help but be inspired by these fine folks! Follow the scamp as Andy, Jess, and Pickle traverse the US in their beautifully renovated trailer — climbing mountains, meeting talented individuals, exploring admirable organizations, and taking breathtaking photos of this great country! Join the DesignEgg newsletter to stay up to date (e.g. application reminders), follow the duo on Instagram/Twitter/their Blog, and help spread the word!

DesignEgg visits Anderson Ranch with Pickle, their pit-bull mix mascot

{ a visit to Anderson Ranch }

beautiful adventures by DesignEgg

{ DesignEgg journeys to Utah }

DesignEgg adventures

{ DesignEgg, 100% cage-free since 2014 }

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We’re in a book!!!!

Would you believe it? We’ve finally made it to the big time! Our name in neon lights! We’ll, more like black ink, but that’s still something quite special, if I do say so myself.

That’s right, our save-the-date cards, which we hand embroidered on vintage postcards, were featured in Public School‘s new fancy-schmancy book Design: Paper, published by Rockport Publishers. It’s a simple title for a simple, yet “seductive collection of alluring paper designs”, in a bold, neon green package.

Westervin handmade save-the-date postcards in Design: Paper

There they are folks — our save-the-dates in all their famous glory.

Okay, I’m being silly. They’re not super famous. But we are very seriously overjoyed to have our handmade cards, which we made together for our wedding, featured in a book. A real, physical book. I, for one, couldn’t be prouder!

The book is chock full of inspiring designs and beautiful images, like this little jar of Lovely Honey. Talk about cute.

Our save-the-dates are in the Cards & Invitations section, which features some really stellar pieces. If you’re looking for some ideas for your party or wedding, I recommend getting your hands on a copy.

Thanks, Public School, for selecting our little cards for your big, pretty book!

Daily Pretties

A Pretty Pair: Dang!

yellow illustration by brent couchman and olde frothingslosh beer

{ Dang is the new Bang by Brent Couchman }  { Untitled by Justin Plakas }

Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Party Pals

{ Marion Burns by Alejandra Villasmil }  { Fairy Tales Bracelet by Elvira López del Prado }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Lemon Bars & Brass Beauties

yellow vintage and crafts

ROW 1:  Amphitrite Necklace from Tree & Kimball; 1808 Lemon Coloured Wall Lichen Print from slinkymalinkicat; Gizmo Portrait Plate from Beat Up Creations

ROW 2:  Eco Leather Shoe from EXTRASEED; Struck Poster from Loveland Miscellany; Ice-O-Mat Ice Crushers from Olde Tyme Store

ROW 3:  Snapper Fish Pillow from Olive Vintage; Vintage Amber Glass Lamp from Fishbone Deco; Ladies in Bird Brass Necklace from Labyrinth Vintage

Today I love...

Today I Love: My Sailor Knot Pouch

iheartmonami sailor knot zipper pouch

I’m not a “purse girl”.  Do I have a lot of purses?  Yes.  Do I use them?  Rarely.  I am, however, a chapstick kind of girl.  And, really, how can one leave the house without a wallet and cell phone?  But let’s face it — the pockets on my skinny jeans can barely accommodate a stick of gum, let alone all these necessities.  Luckily, my sack lunch gives me a good enough excuse to lug around a giant lady bag every workday.  But what do I do on the weekends and after work?  Enter: Thea of I Heart Mon Ami.

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A Fine Design

A Fine Design: The Working Proof

The Working Proof

If you’ve heard of The Working Proof already, it’s for good reason.  The online print shop has received some well deserved praise and press from some of my favorite design blogs.  So I was deeply intrigued (and flattered!) when I found a sweet and unassuming email in my inbox from Anna, one of the co-founders, letting me know about one of their freshly released prints that she thought I might be interested in.  Needless to say, I was interested.  You had me at hello, Anna.  You had me at hello.

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Giveaway: Summer Lapicitos Necklace from Corazón de Galleta

EDIT: This giveaway has ended.  Enter our current giveaway here!

Handmade colored pencil necklace from Corazón de Galleta

Do you dream in color?  Well Ariadna Mateu, the designer behind this week’s giveaway, lives in a more colorful world than we can even imagine.  To her, “Wednesdays are soooo orange.”  And since she is terribly more interesting than I can ever hope to be (why can’t I be a beautiful artist in beautiful Barcelona?), I’ll jump right to the lengthy but delightful interview that Ari so kindly took the time to answer.  Afterward, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win this Summer Lapicitos Necklace from her shop Corazón de Galleta.  It’s made of “cut wooden pencils, nylon recovered wire, colors, stories not yet written and lots of love.”  How could you resist?

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