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Sweet Potato Dreamsicle

picture of dreamsicle juice

Ever since getting a juicer and reading that you can juice sweet potatoes, we’ve been kind of curious how exactly that would turn out. For some reason, it took us until just a couple of weeks ago to actually juice one! I sure wish we would have tried it earlier, because these sweet taters are tasty.

If you add some sweet potato to one of your regular juice recipes, it will make the whole thing a little thicker. Not as thick as a smoothie, but thicker than plain old juice. Our favorite sweet potato juice so far we call the Dreamsicle Juice, because it’s sweet and kind of looks like a Dreamsicle.

Dreamsicle Juice

1 orange
3 carrots
1/2 a small sweet potato


Juice ’em! You’ll probably want to play around with the proportions since sweet potatoes (not to mention carrots and oranges) come in such different sizes. We’ve also added Mango to this which was great, too.

Sweet potatoes have nearly as much carotene as carrots, and the combination is supposed to be good for the skin!

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Fine Fixin's

Fine Fixin’s: MMMulled Cider

The holidays may be over, but Winter is in full swing. For those of you facing a cold as blustery as our Chicago wind — and for everyone drudging through the first work week of 2010 — whip up a batch of mulled cider to cheer and warm you up. Over the holiday break, I made a nice Bourbon-spiked version based off this recipe.  Of course the spice variations and proportions you can use are endless, so keep experimenting until you find a balance that works best for you.

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Today I love...

Today I Love: Milk Cartons

I’m a big fan of dairy — all types, from milk and cheese to ice cream and milk chocolate.  And don’t get me started on chocolate milk.  Brian should get me a chocolate milk IV for Christmas.  And there’s something about the milk carton, in particular, that makes me giddy.  Maybe it’s nostalgia for grade-school lunch — that square compartment on your tray made specially for those tiny cartons, the awkward spout that gets a little soggy and causes the milk to run down your chin, sneaking a second carton from the lunch line and bouncing off to recess.

This glass carton from Rockett St. George was on my Christmas list, but if no one got it for me, I’m ordering it myself.  I need this in my life.  And if you’re not one for drinking milk out of the carton, you can still appreciate its beauty with these porcelain ones from Ricochet Studio.

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