A Pretty Pair

A Pretty Pair: Binding Secrets

{ Orange & Brown Geometric Postcard by Anna Jane Searle }  { Untitled by Sofia Ajram }

Do It Yo'self

Millinery 101: Sugary Sweet Cocktail Hat

Well, here it is folks. My sixth and final hat. That’s all and there ain’t no more.

I used the same taupe colored felt that I used for my wedding veil. Using a scrap of it, I created a little faux feather, and added some vintage trimmings. The blue velvet leaves and blue-grey veil are from our instructor’s extensive collection of vintage frills & frippery. The tiny sparkle beads were from an old necklace I had.

You like?

Maker's Remarks

Maker’s Remarks:Teresa Robinson & Lynn Russell

Earth & Sky necklace

As promised,we’ve got a new series to debut, and I must say I’m as pleased as punch with what we have to show. Maker’s Remarks will be a recurring post, wherein we feature the work of artists, crafters, illustrators, designers, and all around makers, along with a hint of insight into their colorful characters. With a few interview questions, some serious and some less so, we’ll add a little bit of context to a lot of great work.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Trend Machine

handmade & vintage from Etsy

This Shopping Sherpa guide is for the Southwestern cowgirl typography snob who likes to dabble in a harmless bit of witchcraft. I think there’s a little bit of her in all of us, don’t you think?

ROW 1:  { Horseshoe Earrings from Freshy Fig }  { Zig Zag Necklace from Cagebreak Bird }  { Aztec Chic Necklace from Noémiah }  ROW 2:  { Vintage Straw Tote from Swift Fox Vintage }  { Black Velvet Turban from Luna Solis }  { Fairisle Cowl from Knit Frekkles }  ROW 3:  { Ampersand Case Print from Marc Johns }  { Vintage Folk Jacket from Hey Red }  { Jaw Necklace from Beetle and Flor }

A Westervin Wedding

Westervin Wedding: With this (feather) ring…

I haven’t really had any good ideas for my wedding band, but since the ceremony is a good year or two away, I haven’t been too worried.  Leave it to Etsy, however, to lengthen my ever-expanding wish list.  I was just surfing the web in my down time, minding my own business, when I happened to glance at the Etsy front page… and at my future wedding band!  I’m just smitten with this white gold feather band from Adzia .  I just hope this little pretty is still available when it’s time to order our rings… and that I can convince the designer to use recycled white gold!

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Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Sticks and Stones

photography by Sarah Ferrick; illustration by Renee Press

{ bone dish by Sarah Ferrick }  { first sea stone portrait by Renee Press of Love All Around }