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Put a Ring on It, Part 2

handmade wedding ring set

You may recall that way back in September we celebrated our second anniversary. However, we forgot to tell you about our rings! Each year we get a new set of rings to celebrate the ever changing married life we lead…and for fun. If you haven’t been following along, be sure to check out our original rings as well as our first anniversary rings.

oxidized silver wedding rings

For our second anniversary Sarah picked out three different rings that go together as a set, two of which are oxidized silver. I have a simple oxidized silver ring that goes along with hers. It’s one big happy ring family!

set of handmade silver wedding bands

Clockwise from Top Left: {Epherielle } { Patrick Irla Jewelry }  { Lady Faye Jewelry }  { ANDYSHOUSE }


Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Be My Offbeat Valentine

Clockwise from top left: { A Perfect Match Necklace from Early Bright }  { Husband & Wife Finger Puppets from Yaelfran }  { Together Forever Sculpture from Snew }  { Mail Order Husband Card from Faucethead Cards }  { One Hot Couple Embroidery from Campfire Chic }  { Blunt Valentine from Letterhappy }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscientious Crafter

Gifts from $11 to $40:

{ Darling Young Girl Moleskine Journal from Mary’s Granddaughter }  { Custom Wood Handle Address Stamp from Note Trunk }  { The Finger Puppet Pal from The Small Object }  { Creative Mini Art Feeling from Art Mind }

Today’s gifty guide is inspired by the thoughtful, creative type. She’s delighted by tiny cute things and inspired by nature. She’s always there to take care of you when you’re sick, bringing fresh gingersnap cookies, fancy fair trade tea, and a delicately crafted card.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Badass with a Heart of Gold

Gifts from $11 to $40:

{ Rabbit Portraits Print Set from The Black Apple }  { Goldfish Tights from Gal Stern }  { Icicles Metallic Leather Necklace from Super Duper Things }  { Gold Cloud Mobile from The Butter Flying }

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to pull out your bathing suit and beach towels for a weekend in the sun. What?! I’m just seeing if you’re paying attention… It’s actually time for holiday shopping ( if you’re a rabid consumer like me) and you know what that means (if you haven’t already deduced from the title): the Shopping Sherpa’s Holiday Gift Guides are back (and better than ever)!

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Crafty Devil

With just a few days until Christmas, it’s time for our last Holiday Gift.  But don’t be sad!  The Shopping Sherpa isn’t going anywhere!  He’ll be back with more shopping fun next week (I think he’s got a New Year’s party guide in the works, but you didn’t hear it from me).  For now, take a look at all the affordable, handmade gifts he found for you Crafty Devils.


The little fella on this pin cushion is a Sarubobo.  He’s there to help you sew!  { from Siesta }


Use these felted wool pebbles from Smika for jewelry making, srapbooking or various interior design projects.


Any crafty mama is bound to love one of these fabric lovebirds from Token Emotion.


Gotta love this Alice-in-Wonderland-esque needle holder from The Cupcake Girls.

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Homebody

I think the Shopping Sherpa has picked up on the fact that I’m something of a homebody, which might have inspired this next installment of the Holiday Gift Guides.  You probably know someone yourself who spends more time inside than out (I should get one of those sun lamps that mimic natural light), so give them the gift of a well decorated home with these sophisticated, affordable (gotta love $10 or less), handmade finds.


Is it just mine, or does your family play scrabble at every family gathering, too?  It’s like crack for my Gramma… which makes this printable scrabble wall art from Scrabble Prints a perfect gift for the little junkie.


I know, I know.  I’ve already featured these plarn coil baskets from Brij21, but I just love ’em!  They’re so simple and made from re-purposed plastic bags!  This one would look lovely with some white eggplants in it, no?


I’m a sucker for cool colors in bold, geometric patterns.  Plus, this hand-thrown mug from Phenix Pottery, is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, which contributes to my laziness.  I can’t prune these dainty fingers by hand-washing dishes!


These felt coasters from Inbound Thread create “a simple and stylish barrier between beverages and furniture surfaces.”  I love that fancy speak!

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Nature Nut

There’s no doubt the Shopping Sherpa can shop till the cows come home, but his first love will always be the great outdoors.  He may be a sharp dresser, but he’s a wild, adventurous man at heart.  So he’s brought his too passions together for the next installment of our holiday gift guide, combining an affordable shopping experience ($10 or less, baby!) with hints of the sweet outdoors.  These homegrown gifts are for the Nature Nut in all of us.


What a charming moss ring from Charm Lady Boutique.


This pocket-sized notebook is perfect for jotting down tiny plant sketches while on a nature walk.  And it’s made from 100% recycled paper to boot!  { from Curious Doodles }


An original piece of mixed media art for only $10?  You’d have to nutty to pass this up!  … Oh somebody stop me… { from Winsome Hollow }


Hickory dickory dock… somebody stop the clock!  I gotta get me some of these handmade hickory magnets from A Wonderful Remark You Made.

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Today I love...

Today I love… handmade ornaments

Like this presh tooth ornament from Pickala Poopa.


I’ve got packs of felt, styrofoam balls, straight pins, ribbon, twine, beads and too much excitement for one day of crafting.  Gotta knock out most of my Christmas gifts before the day is through, so I better get started soon!

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Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Pampered Pets

Well, that mysterious Shopping Sherpa has done it again.  He’s tracked down four more handmade gifts for $10 or less.  This time for your little pups and kitties!


If your dog is something of a foodie, she’s bound to appreciate these all-natural biscuits made from organic and vitamin packed ingredients.  And if she’s less than concerned about sustainable agriculture and gourmet cuisine, she’ll probably still love these yummy treats.  Grab a six-pack sampler for only $8.99 from Farm Dog Naturals.


A minimalist ID Tag for the pet with simpler tastes.  { from Make Your Dog Smile }


“What’s that rolling along the floor? That’s right… an eyeball!”  { Organic catnip filled eyeball plushies made of recycled materials from HannaPT }


For the sporty pup: a leash made from recycled climbing rope.  { from The Spoiled Companion }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Holiday Gift Guide for the Glamour Puss

The Shopping Sherpa doesn’t like to admit this, but he’s a bit high maintenance.  I can’t tell you how many times he’s been late because he was blow drying his hair (which is silly becuase it’s just covered up by his cozy sherpa hat) or had to change his outfit 20 times until his shoes matched his pack just right.  Sheesh.  Well, this explains why he’s oh-so excited to show us his newest collection for the special Holiday Gift Guides.  All items still handmade or vintage and all still $10 or less…. but these gifts are for the Glamour Puss in all of us!


If you’re like Brian and me, there are 2-3 tubes of chapstick within a foot of where your sitting.  All different brands and scents, cuz you gotta have variety, man.  But nothing chaps my a** more (arjalkjraaa i crack myself up!) than a balm that’s been tested on little critters.  Now we can all sauce up our lips with a natural and cruelty-free balm.  Less than $3 each and in 13 different flavors to boot!  I think I can speak for all of us in saying, “Thank you mighty Shopping Sherpa!”  { and thank you Kenny Coop! }


Shopping Sherpa had a hard time letting this one out of the bag.  A vintage beaded necklace in yummy tangerine?  I can see why.  { from Green Girl Vintage }


Now I’m no glamour puss, but I’ll admit I’ve tried that fancy Bare Minerals stuff… and it’s quite nice.  But talk about pricey!  Well, it might be my lucky day, because the Shopping Sherpa’s found an organic, vegan and handmade version from Orglamix for a fraction of the cost!  And with so many lovely shades for my eyes and cheeks… glam town here I come!  I think I’ll start with this Paprika Blush, no?


Oooh and a handmade, loukoum-scented soap when it’s time to wash it all off!  { from Alchemic Muse }