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Building Blocks

"Cardboard Heaven" by Nina Lindgren; "Mother and Child" by Nguyen Thanh Binh

{ Cardboard Heaven by Nina Lindgren (via This Is Love Forever) }

{ Mother and Child by Nguyen Thanh Binh }

Out & About

Renegade Craft Fair: Little Friends & Creatures

Renegade Craft Fair 2010: Mimi Kirchner

{ Mimi Kirchner }

Authenticity is pretty big right now, right? It’s popping up everywhere. Take Mad Men for instance. Don Draper’s not eating a sandwich, he’s eating a 1962 sandwich (literally, Matthew Weiner probably had someone track down a cellophane-wrapped sandwich from 1962, airbrushed the mold out, and had Jon Hamm eat it on camera.) But wait! He’s not drinking a cocktail either, he’s drinking a 1963 Manhattan heavy on the 1963 Canadian Club with vintage labels and 1963 tax labels recreated by a crack team of archival-oriented graphic designers. Is it too much to ask of the viewer to just imagine that this bottle of vodka is really a 1963 bottle of vodka? Can’t I use my imagination? Please?

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Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Walking on the Ceiling

Do you ever lay on your back, throw your legs straight up in the air and pretend you’re walking on the ceiling?  and then you’re jumping on the ceiling.  and before you know it, you’ve imagined this alternate universe where everything is upside down and you have to be careful when you turn the ceiling fan on because it could bruise your ankles, and your pretend pet bird does the backstroke as he glides through your room.  no?  oh… me neither.

Daily Pretties: Walkning on the Ceiling

{ Untitled by fetie }

{ .8115 by Annette Pehrsson }

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