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Renegade Craft Fair: Little Friends & Creatures

Renegade Craft Fair 2010: Mimi Kirchner

{ Mimi Kirchner }

Authenticity is pretty big right now, right? It’s popping up everywhere. Take Mad Men for instance. Don Draper’s not eating a sandwich, he’s eating a 1962 sandwich (literally, Matthew Weiner probably had someone track down a cellophane-wrapped sandwich from 1962, airbrushed the mold out, and had Jon Hamm eat it on camera.) But wait! He’s not drinking a cocktail either, he’s drinking a 1963 Manhattan heavy on the 1963 Canadian Club with vintage labels and 1963 tax labels recreated by a crack team of archival-oriented graphic designers. Is it too much to ask of the viewer to just imagine that this bottle of vodka is really a 1963 bottle of vodka? Can’t I use my imagination? Please?

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This Week in Westervin

Lynne Christenson & Kavi Mehta at Renegade Craft Fair & Homer Harvest Days

Clockwise from top left: CrookedArt by Lana Crooks of Plushinator at the Renegade Craft Fair; Truman’s Ridge bluegrass band at Homer Harvest Days; Animal Plaques by Janet MacPherson; Alpaca petting zoo; Friends! Lynne Christenson & Kavi Mehta

Well, it was a pretty eventful weekend for us. Not only did we head out of the city to catch some bluegrass and corndogs at the Homer Harvest Days festival on Saturday, we also exhausted ourselves at the Renegade Handmade craft fair on Sunday. We’ve got so much to share with all of you, but we’ll need a day to recover from all the excitement and slight sunburn. Once we rest up, we’ll have a recap of all our crafty favorites from renegade, a report on the state of the harvest, and everything in between!