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Pine(apple) Tree

Holiday Card by Julie Van Wezemael; Pineapple II Emulsion Lift Print by Liz Garnett

Holiday Card by Julie Van Wezemael }  { Pineapple II Emulsion Lift Print by Liz Garnett }

Whether your holidays are spent around a sparkling pine tree or near a fire, filled with presents from loved ones or surrounded by the presence of loved ones, in a white winterland or on a warm and sunny day, we hope you have a wonderful day. Happy holidays, from our family to yours!

Craft Contexts, Faire Play

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 2013

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 2013

After my last post on craft fairs and their impact on commerce and culture, I was motivated to get out of our apartment this weekend. The beautiful weather didn’t hurt either. I went with Brian to the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival yesterday in search of some crafty inspiration. We were not disappointed! For those of you who weren’t able to attend this fun neighborhood event, I am happy to share — through the modern miracle that is the internet — some of my favorite sightings. Feast your eyes upon these glorious works of creativity! May they inspire you in some way…

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine

{ T and O Map by Stephanie Burke & Jeriah Hildwine }

The first several photos were taken at one of the festival’s popup galleries, which were put together by the South Logan Arts Coalition.

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine

{ right: Eldar Thing and T and O Map by Stephanie Burke & Jeriah Hildwine }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Garth Borovicka

{ Ends of the Earth by Garth Borovicka }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Garth Borovicka

Ends of the Earth by Garth Borovicka }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: photograph by Evan Baden

{ From Under the Influence by Evan Baden }

 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Evan Baden at a South Logan Arts Coalition Popup Gallery

Evan Baden }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Atira Design

{ Atira Design }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Atira Design

Atira Design }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Penguin Foot Pottery

{ ceramics on display at the Penguin Foot Pottery tent }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Penguin Foot Pottery

{ ceramics on display at the Penguin Foot Pottery tent }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Rich Salamander's wire portraits

{ wire portraits by Rich Salamender of Neglected Renderings }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Rich Salamander of Neglected Renderings

{ Rich Salamender of Neglected Renderings }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Natalie Wagner

It Could All End in an Instant: The Existance of Absolute Destruction by Natalie Wagner }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Natalie Wagner

{ It Could All End in an Instant: The Existance of Absolute Destruction by Natalie Wagner }

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival: Natalie Wagner

Today I love...

Today I Love: Freshly Minted

handmade mint bag

Fabric & Handle shopping bag via Gemma Lawson

This is not a new trend, nor is this my new favorite color (have you seen my wardrobe?), but boy howdy is it exploding! I’m finding more and more mint and sea green colored beauties on Pinterest and the rest of the world wide web, and it’s really making me yearn for lighter, brighter weather. COME ON SPRING! Let’s do this thing!

photograph of a mint green building by Michael ten Pas

Michael ten Pas via Marika Rothrock

mint green fashions & illustration

{ left } via Abby Ritchey { right } Do What You Love via Mallory McInnis

Le Bunny Bleu slip-ons

Le Bunny Bleu basic slip-ons

via myloveforyou

mint green interiors and fashion

{ left } via Alexandra Corden { right } Madewell skinny cords via Dre Fitzer

green sea glass necklace from Ornamental Things

Ornamental Things green tooth necklace

Leanimal handmade seafoam blouse

Leanne Marshall silk blouse


mint green fashion and interior design

{ left } Zara asymmetric skirt { right } Lili Diallo interior via Bonnie Tsang

The Tiny Boat fine art photograph by Bianca Stewart

Bianca Stewart’s The Tiny Boat via Megan Harper

Snug Studio geometric necklace via Nicole Soh

via H. M.

Who Are You Pairing?

Who Are You Pairing: 2012 Oscars

Michelle Williams at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Michelle Williams }  { Victoria Ulrikke Iles }

Rooney Mara at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Rooney Mara }  { Kate MccGwire (via My Love For You) }

Missi Pyle at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Missi Pyle }  { Callen Thompson }

Kate Mara at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Kate Mara }  { Cassia Beck }

Kelly Rippa at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Kelly Ripa }  { Margaux Kent }

Kristen Wiig at the 2012 Oscars red carpet

{ Kristen Wiig }  { David Welch }

Maker's Remarks

Maker’s Remarks: Debbie Carlos

{ Black Mountain }

While looking for a new photo print for our bedroom that was both large and affordable, I came across this crazy cool Mountains poster by one Debbie Carlos. I just had to have it, and how (!), so I messaged Debbie to make sure I could get it quickly. I’m about as patient as a spoiled kid on Christmas Eve. I also wanted it as part of a mini apartment facelift before our first wedding guest arrived. But mostly, I just wanted it now! Debbie turned out to be very accommodating. So sweet, in fact, that I thought, “Gee. I bet she’s a lovely, interesting person, and I sure would love to learn more about her and feature her gorgeous work on our blog.” So that’s what I did! Debbie kindly agreed to participate in our Maker’s Remarks series and has answered a few questions about her work, her life, and her inner crab.

{ Lake }

Your photos seem to express a love of nature. How do you find things to shoot despite living in a big city?

I don’t often take pictures of the city itself, choosing to focus more on the home and the quiet surprising/beautiful moments that happen sometimes. But Chicago is great in terms of greenery. There are tons of parks and  preserves within the city limits that I often shoot in. I also tend to take the most photographs when I’m traveling.

{ Woods }

Do you have any current or upcoming creative projects that you’re excited about?

I’m collaborating on a project with my brother, who is an amazing graphic designer based out of Minneapolis. He designed the award winning catalog for Yves Klein’s traveling exhibition and is senior designer at the Walker Art Center so you know this is going to be good! We are finalizing the design and about to go into production. It should be making its debut at this year’s Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!

What’s your spirit animal?

The Dancing Crab

{ Blue Egg }

You also have a food blog! Can you share one of your favorite recipes with us?

Since it is summer, I feel like I must share with you the recipe for Watermelon Shake! Its a take on a Mexican Agua Fresca but its name is a shout out to my Filipino background (we call our blended fruit drinks shakes even though there is no dairy in them).

Watermelon Shake

Watermelon, cubed
Cold Water
Lime juice
Sweetener (Sugar, Agave Syrup, Honey, Splenda etc)

Use about a  4:1 ratio of watermelon to water. Pulse in a blender and taste. If its too watery, add more watermelon or add water if mixture seems too stiff. Add a small pinch of salt and season with lime juice and sweetener to taste.

* to make this a little boozy add some tequila

{ Gradient / Jade }

And you make jewelry? How do you balance all of your creative drives?

I feel like I always need to have a project going on. I think if I sit still for too long or if nothing is on the horizon, I get really anxious. I also think its really great and healthy to change it up a bit every once in awhile. If I get tired of working on photos, I know I can go and work on some jewelry.  If I get tired of both, maybe I can go into the kitchen and have a cooking project. There are a lot of things that I’d like to be able to do that just don’t happen and thats ok and sometimes it does get overwhelming but I kind of wing it based on mood. Its always good to have something going on.

A Pretty Pair

A Pretty Pair: Frozen Stare

Photograph by Rebecca Finch paired with collage by Francisca Pageo

{ The Sleepwalker by Rebecca Finch }  { Untitled by Francisca Pageo }

Hello dearies! I’m terribly sorry we were pretty quiet last week–we hope you didn’t miss us too much. We’re now less than two weeks out from Wedstock 2011 (aka our wedding), so we’re keeping busy as little bumblebees. In order to prevent pimples and mood swings, I’m trying to keep stress to an absolute minimum. Therefore, we’ve had to let this here blogy-blog fall by the wayside a bit. I’ll try to keep a regular posting schedule this week, with Pretty Pairs and one or two written posts. Next week, though… you may be on your own. I’m not a machine, ya know! Sheesh. I gotta get my beauty rest! Hopefully, however, we’ll return with a full recap and pictures galore. Would you like that?

Daily Pretties

Daily Pretties: Your Turn

photography by nolan boomer & AK-MG

{ Chelsea Peacock by Nolan Boomer }  { Untitled by AK●MG }

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