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Top 10 Christmas Cards

Westervin's Top 10 Christmas Cards

As the countdown to the holidays continues (11 days to go, woo!), Brian and I thought we’d whip up a Christmas countdown of our own. This season, we scoured the internets for the absolutely best, most whimsical, smile-inducing cards that you can give to your loved ones, colleagues, mailmen, and even strangers. And strangers’ kids. From one to ninety-two. Or whatever… Featuring cats, eye patches, beautiful typography, and non-traditional color palettes, this list includes our favorite Christmas cards this year, handmade by independent designers and makers and/or printed in the USA on sustainable materials.

10. Skiing Santa

Skiing Santa Christmas Card

Image above: Skiing Santa Christmas Card handmade by Lucy Letherland £1.75 

I guess Santa’s gotta have something to do in his downtime.

9. Festive Tumbleweed

Festive Tumbleweed Card

Image above: Festive Tumbleweed Christmas Card Set handmade by Small Adventure $18.00 for 8

Did you pull out your holiday decorations this year only to find your strings of lights tangled in an ungodly mess? Screw it! Embrace the chaos by tossing them in the nearest tumbleweed. Christmas saved!

8. Merrily

Merrily Christmas Card

Image above: Merrily Holiday Cards handmade by Maddy Nye of Yours Madly $4.00/ea. or $16.00 for 6

Show your minimalist-leaning friends that you care with this simple yet happy typography based card.

7. Say It With Flowers!

Cactus Tree Christmas Card

Image above: Say It With Flowers! Christmas Cactus Card handmade by Daniela Spoto $12.00 for 3, $15.00 for 5, or $20.00 for 10

Cacti are SO on trend this year.

 6. Nutcracker


Nutcracker Christmas Card Set

Image above: Nutcracker Christmas Card Set made in the USA by Rifle Paper Co.  $16.00 for 8

Fun fact: Brian used to collect nutcrackers for Christmas when he was little. Aaaawww! Now our home is filled to ceilings with festive little nutcracker men, big and small, on mantels and bookshelves, peering out at me, following me with their beady wooden eyes wherever I go. Why, Brian, why??????

5. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas Card

Image above: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Card Set handmade by Gemma Correll $12.00 for 3, $15.00 for 5, or $20 for 10

No Westervin Christmas card list is complete without the silliness of illustrator Gemma Correll. She is magic.

4. Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe Magic Christmas Card

Image above: Mistletoe Magic Holiday Card handmade by Laura Berger $4.50/ea.

Although no proud cat parent needs an excuse to smooch their kitty babies, mistletoe might make it a little less awkward when you have guests. Right?

3. Bah Humcat

Bah Humbug Cat Christmas Card

Image above: Bah Humbug Catsmas Card handmade by Nicola Rowlands £2.20

But maybe your cat doesn’t care for your smooches. Well, bah humbug to you too, cat!

2. Snappy New Year

Snappy New Year Christmas Card

Image above: Snappy New Year Crocodile Christmas Card Set printed in the USA on recycled content paper $18.95 for 6

For the badass with a heart of gold.

1. Santa Claws

Santa Claws Christmas Card

Image above: Santa Claws Christmas Card Set handmade by Wit & Whistle $16.50 for 6

Because puns.

Maker's Remarks

Maker’s Remarks: Sarah Newby

Nail & Thread necklace by Sarah Newby

I’m positively thrilled to share our latest Maker’s Remarks interview. This time, I get to share the beautiful work of my super talented new friend and classmate, Sarah Newby. Sarah is debuting her new shop Newby Treasury with a line of jewelry made from wrapped jute rope and old nails. Separately, you might not think these items would make for a beautiful necklace, but combined using Sarah’s skilled hand and eye, the end result is a work of quiet elegance.

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A Westervin Wedding

A Westervin Wedding: Let You In

vintage postcards and hankie save-the-date

[Editor’s Note. Please go ahead and queue up the song at the bottom of the post. Think of it as the post’s soundtrack.] Sarah and I want to keep everybody interested in our wedding even though it is more than a year away. So, we thought we’d tease you a little bit. Well, perhaps tease is the wrong choice of words. Sarah and I would like to give you a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to.

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Giveaway: Sock Garters from SWANclothing

Edit: This giveaway has ended.  Enter our current giveaway here!

blog giveaway: handmade sock garters from SWANclothing

The trend away from cheap, mass-produced commodities seems to manifest itself in all sorts of different ways. From food (think artisinal, organic), to cocktails (classic, non-vodka-based “mixology”), to grooming (double-edged—or straight blade ¡scary!—razors), to clothes (premium jeans with gold rush era details), etc. More and more people seem to be finding that there is something to the simple, high-quality construction of the past. It’s something that is enchanting, timeless, and, importantly, sincere.

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Westervin Wear: Red-y for Spring

Ready for Spring Clothes

{ Dress: Target } { Sweater, Belt & Boots: thrifted } { Necklace: Tree & Kimball } { Ring: Recycled Rings }

A Westervin Wedding, Today I love...

Today I Love: Repurposed Teacups

If you ask me, “teacup light fixture” is just another term for “cluster of pretty”.

repurposed teacup hanging light fixtures

above: { Teacup Lights }  { Design* Sponge }

Make a home for a tiny plant!

repursposed teacup planter

{ Succulent teacup planter }

Teacup pincushions make sewing FANCY!

repurposed teacup pin cushions

above: { teacup pincushion for my mom }  { Fit for a queen }

Good for drinking tea and being incognito.

handmade mustache disguise mug

above: { Mustache Teacups }

I’m a big fan of these little lovelies.  My spunky friend Amy sent me some easy to follow directions for making teacup candles!  Should I share with you?  (Maybe later!)  And Brian’s sis Carlie bought me a teacup ring holder from Who Made It for my birthday.  I love love love it!

repursosed teacup candles and jewelry holder dish

above: { teacup candles }  { teacup ring holder

Turn a collection of teacups and saucers into a giant hanging sculpture!  Yeah.  I’ll do that this weekend… (jk!)

repurposed teacup installation art store display

above: { teacup art }

Tiny puppy in a teacup?  So adorable I could faint!  Human baby in a teacup?  Creepy.  Quit doing that, people.

puppy and baby in teacups

above: { Puppies Will Sleep Anywhere }  { Baby C in the Teacup }