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Who Are You Pairing: 2013 Golden Globes

Lucy Liu, Michelle Morin

{ Lucy Liu }  { Michelle Morin }

Cody Horn, Russell Leng

{ Cody Horn }  { Russell Leng }

Sienna Miller, Shannon Rankin

{ Sienna Miller }  { Shannon Rankin }

{ Ariel Winter }  { Fanny Rose }

Jessica Chastain, Mimi Jung

{ Jessica Chastain }  { Mimi Jung }

Zosia Mamet, Sarah Santi

{ Zosia Mamet }  { Sarah Santi }

Katia Washington, Jenny Brown

{ Katia Washington }  { Jenny Brown }

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Juan Chavarria, Jr.

{ Tina Fey & Amy Poehler }  { Juan Chavarria, Jr. }

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The Best of Westervin 2010

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Momma’s back, kiddos! Now that my application to grad school has been submitted, I can focus on what really matters: you, my little babies. Now, you may have noticed by the title of today’s earlier post that change is in the air (in addition to the smell of fresh laundry, since I get MLK day off, but I’m sure you can’t smell that). Our readers’ favorite series Daily Pretties is now called A Pretty Pair. You see, Westervin is a year older, and we’re thinking it’s time to mature a little. Just a little. Don’t worry. I hope you like the new name, but if not… don’t tell me. We’ve also got a few new columns to debut, which guide Westervin’s focus more toward art and fine craft. We’re hoping to improve the content you know and love (don’t deny it) by making it a little more thoughtful, a little more meaningful, a little more inspirational. We hope to create content that celebrates a lighthearted, lovingly handmade life.

But before we move forward, we’d like to take a look back! Below are a couple of our favorite and most popular posts from 2010.

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