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2015 Westervin Consumer Survey

Westervin 2015 Consumer Survey


Dear friends, family, and sweet readers! Please take a moment to complete our 2015 survey.

If you:

  • have read anything on this blog, or
  • bought something from our shop, or
  • call yourself a maker, or
  • own your own business,

We want to hear from you. Nay, we need to hear form you!

With the new year has come a renewed focus at Westervin headquarters (a.k.a. our home), as well as some fresh ideas. We plan to unveil a beautiful new website, improve the shop, and start offering some new services even! But we need to know more about YOU and what you want to see from Westervin before we can implement any changes. We wouldn’t be here without you, obviously. 

Plus, we’re just really curious about our readers and customers. Who are you people?! We bet you’re so interesting. Show us how interesting you are, please and thank you and good night. 

Take the survey here!


Buy Handmade? Take My Survey!

So…. I’m in grad school. I’m working towards a degree in arts management, hoping one day to put some business skills to use in the American crafts industry. I like crafts! Big surprise. Here’s why I’m telling you this: I need to do some market research for an assignment, and I’ve chosen to study consumers of handmade goods. Natch. I want to gain a better understanding of the average crafts consumer, to understand their motivations and interests in the handmade movement. And what better way to do that than to gather data on buyers from, perhaps, the largest and most popular handmade marketplace, Etsy? Answer: there is not better way. So, I wanna hear from you! Let’s talk about how much you love (or don’t love) Etsy’s offerings!

Please take a few minutes to complete my survey , answering 12 questions about your Etsy shopping experiences and, in turn, making my life a little bit better. Thank you!