A Pretty Pair

Ponderous Pieces

photograph by Jen Altman; mixed media work by Svenja Deininger

{ Untitled by Jen Altman (via The Jealous Curator) }

{ Untitled by Svenja Deininger }

Shopping Sherpa

The Shopping Sherpa: Bundled Beauty

vintage inspired fashion and art from Etsy

Clockwise from top: { A Cold Day for a Drive Limited Edition Print from Elizabeth Bauman }  { Vintage 40’s Oxford Heels from Ginger Root Vintage }  { Bubble Beret in Charcoal Grey from softspoken }  { Upcycled Fur Cowl from zaama }

We’ve been blessed with a few new readers as of late (hello, new readers!), and I realized that they may not know the Shopping Sherpa yet! It’s been a while since he’s come to visit, so I figured this the perfect time to reintroduce him.

So who is this Shopping Sherpa? Well, he’s mysterious and a little hard to nail down. I think he’s really a little part of all of us, like a little shopping conscience.

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A Pretty Pair

A Pretty Pair: Let Sleeping Beauties Lie

Photograph by Lukasz Wierzbowski; Painting by Gillian Wilson

{ Untitled by Lukasz Wierzbowski }  { Sick Bed by Gillian Wilson }

A Pretty Pair

A Pretty Pair: Frozen Stare

Photograph by Rebecca Finch paired with collage by Francisca Pageo

{ The Sleepwalker by Rebecca Finch }  { Untitled by Francisca Pageo }

Hello dearies! I’m terribly sorry we were pretty quiet last week–we hope you didn’t miss us too much. We’re now less than two weeks out from Wedstock 2011 (aka our wedding), so we’re keeping busy as little bumblebees. In order to prevent pimples and mood swings, I’m trying to keep stress to an absolute minimum. Therefore, we’ve had to let this here blogy-blog fall by the wayside a bit. I’ll try to keep a regular posting schedule this week, with Pretty Pairs and one or two written posts. Next week, though… you may be on your own. I’m not a machine, ya know! Sheesh. I gotta get my beauty rest! Hopefully, however, we’ll return with a full recap and pictures galore. Would you like that?